What does BCBSVT medical abbreviation stand for?

What is the medical definition of BCBSVT abbreviation?

There may be more than one meaning of BCBSVT. However, what does the medical abbreviation BCBSVT mean?

What does BCBSVT medical abbreviation stand for?

In the medical field, the medical abbreviation BCBSVT stands for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont.

BCBSVT: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

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ACPSEMAssociation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine
AVEAudio Visual Entrainment
BCCBasal Cell Carcinoma
BFU-EBurst-Forming Unit-Erythroid
BJMHSBrief Jail Mental Health Screen
BKMCBacha Khan Medical College
BPPVbenign paroxysmal positional vertigo
CAPAChild and Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment
CINcervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CLNclinical lead/liaison nurse
CMTCcutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita
CPEGChild Psychiatric Epidemiology Group
CVMEDCardiovascular, Metabolic & Endocrinological Diseases
CaCancer; carcinoma. For example, a patient who undergoing treatment for cancer should assure that they are eating and drinking enough fluids daily, both during and after treatment.
DBPCFCDouble-Blind Placebo-Controlled Food Challenges
DNMSDelayed Non-Matching to Sample
FACDFellow of the American College of Dentists
FCEBFlinders Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
GBPHGreat Bridge Partnership For Health
GCMCAGenesee County Medical Control Authority
GITTglucose insulin tolerance test
GWHGlobal Women’s Health
HAMSHigh Altitude Medical Service
HCFAHealth Care For All
HMHPHumility of Mary Health Partners
HRAEHospital Regional de Alta Especialidad
HSCAHealthcare Supply Chain Association
IARsInfusion-Associated Reactions
IBBMImage Based Biomedical Modeling
ICTinsulin coma therapy
IPACInfection Prevention And Control
ITLinGenious Targeting Laboratory
JCSWJoint Counts for SWelling
JMCCJamaican Medical Cannabis Collective
KSMCKing Saud Medical Complex
LBWlow birth weight
LDLLow Density Lipoprotein
LHACLincolnshire Health And Care
LHRHLeutinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone
LVADLeft Ventricular Assist Device
LuLutetium (element)
MCOCMedical Center of Ocean County
MDCMMedicinae Doctorem et Chirurgiae Magistrum
MFWMultiple fragment wounds
MRSmagnetic resonance spectroscopy
MSHmelanocyte-stimulating hormone
MSSGMedical Student Service Group
MUMCMcMaster University Medical Centre
MUOMedical Use Overlay
NCPAPnasal continuous positive airway pressure
NETHNetherton syndrome
NSSIBNon-Suicidal Self-Injurious Behavior
OHIPOntario Health Insurance Plan
ORISEOak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
PAOPpulmonary artery occlusion pressure
PHOEBEPromotion of Health Opportunity Equality Benevolence and Empowerment
PLACEpatient-led assessments of the care environment
PUFApolyunsaturated fatty acid
PVCsPremature Ventricular Contractions
QSquantity sufficient
RHPARegulated Health Professions Act
RSIrepetitive strain injury; rapid sequence intubation
SCDFSkin Condition Data Form
SINAPStroke Improvement National Audit Programme
TDR-TBtotally drug-resistant tuberculosis
TEEtransesophageal echocardiography; transesophageal endoscopy; transesophageal echocardiogram
TLMHCTemporary Licensed Mental Health Counselor
TPMTthiopurine S-methyltransferase
TSTtuberculin skin test
TVCTrue Vocal Cord
TingleExperiencing slight prickling (not acrynom)
UASUrticaria Activity Score
UDADental Association
UHASUniversity of Health and Allied Sciences
UPTurine pregnancy test
UTHUniversity Teaching Hospital
W/VWeight By Volume
WFRTWilderness First Responder Training
WMLAWashington Medical Librarians Association
WOCAWisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
WWHDWeston Westport Health District
eGFRestimated glomerular filtration rate [case sensitive]
eatEctopic Atrial Tachycardia
ininch (25.4 mm); inch
semih.half an hour

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