What is the in medical abbreviation?

What does in mean in medical terms?

Sometime, there may be more than one meaning of in abbreviation. However, what is in in medical terms?

What does in medical abbreviation mean?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation in stands for inch (25.4 mm); inch.

in: inch (25.4 mm); inch

Related Medical Abbreviations

BBSbilateral breath sounds
BTBbreakthrough bleeding
BeBeryllium (element)
BrBromine (element)
C-spinecervical spine
CCAcalcium channel antagonist; common carotid artery
CENCertified Emergency Nurse
CMRChief Medical Resident
CNACertified Nurse Aide
CRRconsult review request
DPGNdiffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis
FWBfully weight bearing
GGgamma globulin
GSRgalvanic skin response
GeGermanium (element)
HSPHenoch Shonlein Purpura
HbSHemoglobin S
Hephepatoma cell line
HoHolmium (element)
I&DIncise and Drain
IOVinitial office visit
JVPJugular Venous Pressure
LWSlow wall suction
MCCmajor complication or comorbidity; motorcycle collision
MLEmidline episiotomy
MMPMultiple Medical Problems
MP MIAmicrolatex particle mediated immunoassay
NBTNF/Mnewborn, term, normal, female/male
NSCnational safety council
NYDnot yet diagnosed
OB+occult blood positive
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
ODTorally disintegrating tablet
PAHpara-aminohippurate; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon
PPHNpersistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn
RIHright inguinal herniorrhaphy
RIMARight Internal Mammary Artery
RPPrate pressure product
TNStranscutaneous nerve stimulation
TTtilt table; thrombin time; total thyroidectomy; tetanus toxoid
derivderive, derivative
femfemoral; female
infinferior; infant
qhevery hour
qnsquantity not sufficient

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