What does ODCH medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical abbreviation ODCH stand for?

In some cases, the abbreviation ODCH may have a few different meanings. However, what does the medical term ODCH stand for?

What does ODCH mean in medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the medical term ODCH means Oral Design Center Holland.

ODCH: Oral Design Center Holland

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APSHAsia Pacific Society for Hypertension
BRAGBlue, Red, Amber, Green
CBLSCenter for Biomedical and Life Sciences
DUCBTDouble Unrelated Cord Bone Marrow Transplant
ECHPEducation Care and Health Plans
HDLChigh density lipoprotein cholesterol
IRInterventional Radiology; Internal Rotation
IUPIntrauterine Pregnancy
LGleft gluteal/gluteus
MEDUMedical Education Development Unit
OSTOsmotic Shock Therapy
RTFready to feed; resident treatment facility
TSLOthoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis
UNOSUnited Network For Organ Sharing
UOUrine Output
V&PVagotomy and Pyloroplasty
amylamyl nitrite

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