What does MOF medical abbreviation stand for?

What is the meaning of the MOF medical abbreviation?

The MOF abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what does the medical term MOF stand for?

What does MOF medical abbreviation stand for?

In science & medicine, the MOF medical term mean Multiple Organ Failure.

MOF: Multiple Organ Failure

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ARIAlcohol-Related Incidents
CE-DATComplex Emergency Database
CHRTCenter for Healthcare Research and Transformation
CTAPComputed tomography arterial portography
FHBflexor hallucis brevis; fetal heartbeat
G6PDDGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
HBAHealth Beauty and Aesthetics
HFLHealth Fitness and Longevity
HICPHealth Insurance Continuation Program
IASTInhalation Allergy Screen Test
IUBIntraUterine Ball
KASSKaneda Anterior Spinal Scoliosis
MDmuscular dystrophy; medical doctor; Meniere’s disease
NAFLDnon-alcoholic fatty liver disease
P-Aposteroanterior; posterior-anterior; placenta abruption
REMORapid Epidemiological Mapping of Onchocerciasis
WHPNWorkplace Health Promotion Network
WUBMWoodstock Uribag, Male

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