What is the meaning of MD medical abbreviation?

What does the MD medical term mean?

There may be more than one meaning of MD. Below is the meaning that MD abbreviation stands for.

What is MD medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the MD medical term mean muscular dystrophy; medical doctor; Meniere’s disease.

MD: muscular dystrophy; medical doctor; Meniere’s disease

Related Medical Abbreviations

ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
BOMbilateral otitis media
BSCbiological safety cabinet; bedside commode
BtBacillus thuringiensis
CFRCertified First Responder; child fatality review; Code of Federal Regulations; case fatality ratio
DOPTdirectly observed preventative therapy
EBFexclusively breastfed
FRVfunctional residual volume
GITTglucose insulin tolerance test
GOMERSlang for “get out of my emergency room.”
HAIR-ANhyperandrogenism (HA), insulin resistance (IR) and acanthosis nigricans (AN)
HBAghepatitis B antigen
HMOhealth maintenance organization
HOHHard Of Hearing
HTLV-IIIhuman t lymphotropic virus type iii
HbA1chemoglobin A1c
IMAinferior mesenteric artery
IMRTintensity-modulated radiation therapy
LAIVlive attenuated influenza vaccine
LCMleft costal margin
LLleft lateral
LRSBlower right sternal border
MRgFUSMR-guided focused ultrasound surgery
NBRTNational Board for Respiratory Therapy
NHPnursing home placement
OB+occult blood positive
PBPCperipheral blood progenitor cell
PCOprimary care organization; polycystic ovarian disease
PPMplanned preventive maintenance; permanent pacemaker
PSISposterior-superior iliac spine
PaO2arterial oxygen partial pressure [case sensitive]
PuDpulmonary disease
RLRinger’s Lactate; right leg; right lateral
RREround, reactive, equal
RSBregular sinus bradycardia
SBspina bifida; small bowel; sinus bradycardia
SHserum hepatitis; social history
TARtotal ankle replacement; total all routes (intake)
UOQupper outer quadrant
VLRAverbal lead risk assessment
c.n.tomorrow night (cras nocte)
comp.compound; complication; compounded of
monomonocyte; mononucleosis
omn. hor.every hour
q.i.d.Four times daily. As in taking a medicine four times daily.

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