What is the LBW medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation LBW stand for in medical terms?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the LBW abbreviation. However, what does the medical abbreviation LBW mean?

What does LBW medical abbreviation stand for?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation LBW stands for low birth weight.

LBW: low birth weight

Related Medical Abbreviations

ABAntibody; also Abortion
ACSAcute Coronary Syndrome
BMCbone mineral content; bone marrow cells
C&SCulture and sensitivity, performed to detect infection.
C1first cervical vertebra
CABGCoronary Artery By-Pass Graft
CPCclinicopathologic conference
DAWdispense as written
DCDischarge; Discontinue; Doctor of Chiropractics
DOHdepartment of health
DPDorsalis Pedis
DWdistilled water
EBNAEpstein-Barr nuclear antigen
EHemployee health
EPIecho planar imaging; epidemiology or epidemiologist
ErErbium (element)
GABAgamma-aminobutyric acid
HRAhealth risk assessment
HTLVhuman T-cell lymphotropic virus
HUSHemolytic Uremic Syndrome
IGimmune globulin(s)
IJInternal Jugular
IVHAintravenous hyperalimentation
LBlive birth; lower body
LCMVlymphocytic choriomeningitis virus
LGLlarge granular lymphocyte; Lown Ganong Levine syndrome
LMNLower Motor Neuron
MCmedical corps
MELDmodel for end-stage liver disease
NASHnon-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NSAIDnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
OIopportunistic infection
PREprogressive resistive exercise
PSOpatient services office
REright eye; reproductive endocrinologist
RTArenal tubular acidosis; road traffic accident
S/Asugar and acetone
SBFTsmall bowel follow-through (x-ray)
SNSsupplemental nursing system; sympathetic nervous system
SOAPIERsubjective, objective, assessment, plan, intervention, evaluation, response
UACumbilical artery catheter
det.let it be given (detur)
rescresuscitation; rescue
w/nwell nourished
wmwhite male

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