What is IG medical abbreviation?

What does the IG medical term mean?

The abbreviation IG may have a few different meanings. Below is the meaning that the abbreviation IG stands for.

What is IG medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the medical abbreviation IG means immune globulin(s).

IG: immune globulin(s)

Related Medical Abbreviations

AFAtrial Fibrillation; Afebrile
BMEbiomedical engineering
BTLSbasic trauma life support
CDHFchronic diastolic heart failure
COMchronic otitis media
CPDcongenital polycystic disease; chronic pulmonary disease; cephalopelvic disproportion
CPTchest physiotherapy; current procedural terminology; carnitine palmitoyl transferase
CRPScomplex regional pain syndrome
CSIIcontinuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
CYSchildren and youth services
DVTDeep Venous Thrombosis
EBLEstimated Blood Loss
EMRelectronic medical record
ETCO2end-tidal carbon dioxide
F&Efluid and electrolyte
FACDFellow of the American College of Dentists
FTDfrontotemporal dementia
GOTglutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase
GVHDGraft Versus Host Disease
HBeAgHepatitis B e antigen
IDDMInsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
L Cxleft circumflex
L/Rleft to right
MDAmedical device alert
MSOFmulti system organ failure
NVnausea and vomiting
OCRossicular chain reconstruction
OEOtitis Externa
PCWPPulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure
PFPpay for performance
PIPJproximal interphalangeal joint
PLACEpatient-led assessments of the care environment
PRHprolactin-releasing hormone
RKradial keratotomy
RPRRapid Plasma Reagin
SANEsexual assault nurse examiner
TACtime, amount, character (emesis, bleeding, drainage, etc.)
TIBCTotal Iron Binding Capacity
UNunited nations
eGFRestimated glomerular filtration rate [case sensitive]
mHzmegahertz (1 million hertz)
noct.in the night (nocte)
nutrnutrition; nutritionist
qAMEach morning. As in taking a medicine each morning.
secsecond (time or sequence)

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