ITL medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What is the definition of ITL medical abbreviation?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation ITL. However, what does ITL mean in medical terms?

What is ITL medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation ITL stands for inGenious Targeting Laboratory.

ITL: inGenious Targeting Laboratory

Related Medical Abbreviations

23vPPV23 valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine
6MWTSix Minute Walk Test
ABIMAmerican Board of Internal Medicine
ACIMAcademy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine
AFTNAutonomously Functioning Thyroid Nodule
AGLDAcquired Generalized Lipoatropic Diabetes
AnuricNot producing urine. A person who is anuric is often critical and may require dialysis.
BEAbelow-the-elbow amputation
BRIBuilding Related Illness
C&SCulture and sensitivity, performed to detect infection.
CADCoronary Artery Disease
CGNchronic glomerulonephritis
CHCAConnecticut Health Care Associates
CNVCranial nerve number 5
COSCCombat and Operational Stress Control
CRFchronic renal failure; cardiac risk factors; case report form; corticotropin-releasing factor
CTCat Scan; also Chest Tube and Cardio-Thoracic
CVPCentral Venous Pressure
DAWDDuration Of Apnea Without Desaturation
DUIdriving under the influence
EPHEnvironment Public Health
F/Tfull time
FFMFat Free Mass
FLITFetal lung interstitial tumor
FNRBCFetal Nucleated Red Blood Cell (women’s health)
GHRHgrowth hormone-releasing hormone
GONBGreater Occipital Nerve Block
GnRHgonadotropin-releasing hormone
HEPACHealth Economics and Policy Analysis Centre
HHIHerth Hope Index
HNSDHospital Nossa Senhora das Dores
HPVHuman Papilloma Virus
HQRHospital Quality Reporting
HTLOHealth Technology Licensing Office
IAEMInternal and Emergency Medicine
ICTVInternational Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
IHBRIntra Hepatic Biliary Radicals
IMABInternational Medical Association Bulgaria
IgEimmunoglobulin E
KCTTkaolin cephalin thromboplastin time
KHEKobayashi Healthcare Europe
KWHKwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong
LYNCLaunch Your Nursing Career
MCHLMaster’s Certification in Healthcare Leadership
MCMmedical countermeasure
MDIPMedical Device Innovation Programme
MEDEXMedical Expense
MEDUMedical Education Development Unit
MHMRAMental Health Mental Retardation Authority
MPRPMedical Premium Reimbursement Program
NBLPNeonatal Blue Light Phototherapy
NUBNon Usable Body
O.D.Right eye.
OBSPOntario Breast Screening Program
ODMSOld Dominion Medical Society
OPHGOffice of Population Health Genomics
PCTApercutaneous transluminal angioplasty
PDAIPerianal Disease Activity Index
PFAPlain (X-ray) Film of Abdomen
PPTLpost-partum tubal ligation
PetCO2partial pressure of end-tidal carbon dioxide
QIDFour times per day
RCSRegistered Cardiac Sonographer
RLFretrolental fibroplasia
RNRegistered Nurse
ROPretinopathy of prematurity; right occiput posterior (position)
RPLRocket Propulsion Laboratory
SAMMSonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana
SRPSurveillance Research Program
TAPMTriad Adult Pediatric Medicine
TCITransient Cerebral Ischemia
TCSFTumor Collagenase Stimulatory Factor
TTTTibial Tendon Transfer
UPCunits of packed cells
URTupper respiratory tract
VDLVirtual Distributed Laboratory
VPSVibrations Per Second
WCMAWeill Cornell Medical Associates
WICMWellington Intensive Care Medicine
WMAPWisconsin Medical Assistance Program
WMGIWright Medical Group, Inc.
WMYWord Memory Test
dBPdiastolic blood pressure
descdescent, descending
gGGlycoprotein G
probprobable, probably
pvper vaginam [Lat.] by vaginal route

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