What does post. medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical abbreviation post. stand for?

The post. abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. Here is the meaning of post. mean in medical terms.

What does post. medical abbreviation mean?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation post. stands for posterior.

post.: posterior

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AIAortic Insufficiency
AMDAging Macular Degeneration
BIDTwice a Day
BSBbreath sounds bilateral
CLcrcreatinine clearance
CRCCertified Rehabilitation Counselor
DOTDirectly Observed Therapy
ECRemergency chemical restraints
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FFFfully formula fed; fibula free flap
FFPFresh Frozen Plasma
FOOSHFall On Outstretched Hand
HAAhepatitis-associated antigen
HPLhuman placental lactogen
IABCintra-aortic balloon counterpulsation
IEMinborn error of metabolism
Id.the same
LAMlactation amenorrhea method
LETZloop electrosurgical excision procedure
LFDlow fat diet
LKSliver, kidney, and spleen
LMPLast Menstrual Period
MSWMaster of Social Work; medical social worker
NINRnational institute of nursing research
NIPVLnon-invasive peripheral vascular laboratory
PASpara amino-salicylic acid; para-aminosalicylic acid; periodic acid-schiff (stain)
PHApublic health advisory; phytohemagglutinin
PHNpublic health nurse
PIFprolactin release-inhibiting factor; peak inspiratory flow
PIPOTpersons in positions of trust
PPMplanned preventive maintenance; permanent pacemaker
PSOpatient services office
R/IRule In
RCSRegistered Cardiac Sonographer
RFARadio Frequency Ablation; Right Femoral Artery
SIVPslow intravenous push
SROsingle room occupancy
ScScandium (element)
TAVItranscatheter aortic valve implantation
THCtetrahydrocannabinol (in marijuana and related)
UMNUpper Motor Neuron
VEPvisually evoked potential
VP Shuntventricular peritoneal shunt
ZMCzygomaticomaxillary complex
chemchemical, chemistry
dieb. alt.every other day
omn. noct.every night

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