What is the DOT medical abbreviation?

What is the meaning of the medical term DOT?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the DOT abbreviation. However, what does the abbreviation DOT stand for in medical terms?

What is the DOT medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the DOT medical abbreviation is the meaning of Directly Observed Therapy.

DOT: Directly Observed Therapy

Related Medical Abbreviations

MnManganese (element)
BIDTwice a Day
IVHAintravenous hyperalimentation
HRHeart Rate
mandmandatory; mandible, mandibular
ETSenvironmental tobacco smoke (exposure)
N&Vnausea and vomiting
RATxradiation therapy
MERTmedical emergency response team
NSCnational safety council
NVTneurovascular and tendon
HCVDhypertensive cardiovascular disease
FMfrequency modulation; fibromyalgia; fetal movement; family medicine
PA-CCertified Physician Assistant
CWRcanal wall reconstruction
ITIntrathecal; Information Technology
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
TMStympanic membranes; transcranial magnetic stimulation
intintermittent; internal
TGFtransforming growth factor
NCATNormocephalic Atraumatic
PKRpartial knee replacement; photorefractive keratotomy
NECnecrotizing enterocolitis; not elsewhere classified

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