What does Sc medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the medical abbreviation Sc mean?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation Sc. However, what is the medical term Sc?

What is Sc medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the Sc medical term mean Scandium (element).

Sc: Scandium (element)

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D/NSdextrose in normal saline
DCTdistal convoluted tubule
DOEDyspnea on exertion. Shortness of breath with activity.
DWIdriving while intoxicated
E&Mevaluation and management
ENerythema nodosum
FBCfull blood count
FCEfunctional capacity evaluation
FVCforced vital capacity
HMhand movement
INRInternational Normalized Ratio
IVADintravenous access device
IgMimmunoglobulin M
JRjunctional rhythm
KELSKohlman Evaluation of Living Skills
L/S ratiolecithin to sphingomyelin ratio
LRSBlower right sternal border
LWDliving with disease
MIMyocardial Infarction
MUAmedically underserved areas
NDCnational drug code
NFTDnormal full term delivery
NOSNot Otherwise Specified
OBSorganic brain syndrome; obstetrics
OBS/OBDorganic brain syndrome/organic brain disorder
PBpudendal block or peripheral blood
PEPpost-exposure prophylaxis; phosphoenolpyruvate; pancreatic enzyme product
PIPOTpersons in positions of trust
PR3proteinase 3
RIFAright inner forearm
RLFretrolental fibroplasia
RNRegistered Nurse
SSNSocial Security Number
TBBtransbronchial biopsy
TEEtransesophageal echocardiography; transesophageal endoscopy; transesophageal echocardiogram
TJCThe Joint Commission
TRTricuspid Regurgitation
UOPurinary output
VBGVenous Blood Gas
WAwhile awake
WNWDwell-nourished, well-developed
X&Dexamination and diagnosis
gravpregnancy (gravida)
o.m.every morning (omni mane)
qPMEach evening. As in taking a medicine each evening.

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