What is the L/S ratio medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation L/S ratio mean?

In some cases, the abbreviation L/S ratio may have a few different meanings. However, what does the medical abbreviation L/S ratio mean?

What does L/S ratio medical abbreviation stand for?

In medical field, the L/S ratio medical abbreviation stands for lecithin to sphingomyelin ratio.

L/S ratio: lecithin to sphingomyelin ratio

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AMAAgainst Medical Advice; American Medical Association
BFbreast feed(ing); boyfriend
BMBone Marrow; also Bowel Movement
CIScarcinoma in situ
CLDchronic liver disease
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CSPcarotid sinus pressure
DNdibucaine number
DNHdo not hospitalize
DRFdrip rate factor
ESEpidural Steroids
FENAFractional Excretion of Sodium
FIVforced inspiratory volume
FVDfluid volume deficit
GGuiac (followed by + or -)
GFgrandfather; glomerular filtrate
HAVhepatitis A vaccine; hepatitis A virus
HThypertension; hormone therapy
IPPAinspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation
IRVinspiratory reserve volume
IVPBintravenous piggyback
LTVlong-term variability
MDRTBMulti-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
MNMaster of Nursing; myoneural
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
Minminute; minimum
MnManganese (element)
NGSnext generation sequencing
NICMPnonischemic cardiomyopathy
NSBGPNon-Specific Bowel Gas Pattern
PMRpolymyalgia rheumatica
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SNOMEDsystematized nomenclature of medicine
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TIHtumor-induced hypercalcemia
TPItreponema pallidum immobilization (syphilis test); trigger point injection
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UVJuretero vesicle junction
XRextended-release; x-ray
ugmicrogram (0.000001 gram)
ungointment (unguentum)

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