What is MUA medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation MUA mean?

There may be more than one meaning of MUA. However, what does the medical abbreviation MUA stand for?

What is the MUA medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the meaning of the MUA medical abbreviation is medically underserved areas.

MUA: medically underserved areas

Related Medical Abbreviations

BIBBrought In By
BSLEbullous systemic lupus erythematosus
BTLSbasic trauma life support
CFUcolony forming unit
CLDchronic liver disease
COTNicotine/Cotinine (COT test)
CPAcerebellopontine angle; costophrenic angle
CQIcontinuous quality improvement; clinical quality indicator
CaCancer; carcinoma. For example, a patient who undergoing treatment for cancer should assure that they are eating and drinking enough fluids daily, both during and after treatment.
DOIdigital object identifier; date of injury
ECLSextracorporeal life support
ERCPEndoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreotography
ETSenvironmental tobacco smoke (exposure)
EVARendovascular aneurysm repair
FPFamily Practitioner
HRHeart Rate
HepBhepatitis B
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
IGFinsulin-like growth factor
IPGimpedance plethysmography
IPVinactivated poliovirus (vaccine); intrapulmonary percussive ventilation
IUIintrauterine insemination
L&Alight and accommodation
L-3third lumbar vertebra
LVEDPLeft Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
MBPSMunchausen-by-proxy syndrome
NICMPnonischemic cardiomyopathy
NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health
OOBOut Of Bed
PKRpartial knee replacement; photorefractive keratotomy
PhDDoctor of Philosophy
RIHright inguinal herniorrhaphy
RMTretromolar trigone
RVADRight Ventricular Assist Device
SACshort arm cast
UAPunlicensed assistive personnel; unstable angina pectoris
UNunited nations
UPEPUrine Protein Electro-Pheresis
VATSVideo Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery
VERvisual evoked response
WGLwithin good limits
comp.compound; complication; compounded of
extextremity; extend; exterior, external; extract
hor. sombedtime
kDNAkinetoplast DNA

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