What does IABC medical abbreviation mean?

What does the IABC medical term mean?

In some cases, the abbreviation IABC may have a few different meanings. Here is the meaning of IABC mean in medical terms.

What is IABC medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation IABC stands for intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation.

IABC: intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation

Related Medical Abbreviations

ABGArterial Blood Gas
ASDAtrial Septal Defect
BWbirth weight; body weight
CHHAcertified home health aide/agency
COCscombined oral contraceptives (estrogen and progestin)
DWdistilled water
FPLflexor pollicis longus
GCPgood clinical practice
HAQhealth assessment questionnaire
HDNhemolytic disease of the newborn
HEWDepartment of Health, Education, and Welfare
HOBHead Of Bed
IOPIntra-Ocular Pressure
LIFAleft inner forearm
LWDliving with disease
MCMmedical countermeasure
MMFRmaximum mid-expiratory flow rate
MPAPmean pulmonary artery pressure
NBTNF/Mnewborn, term, normal, female/male
NGSnext generation sequencing
OCoral contraceptive; osteocalcin; obstetrical conjugate; oleoresin capsicum; oral cavity
OORout of room
P VAXPneumococcal Vaccination
PBCPrimary Billiary Cirrhosis
PERRLA+Cpupils equal, round, react to light, accommodation ok, and coordinated
PHRpersonal health record; public health research
PPWpre-pregnancy weight
PSISposterior-superior iliac spine
PULpercutaneous ultrasonic lithotripsy
RDIRespiratory Disturbance Index
RIDradial immunodiffusion
RPOright posterior oblique
RUTright upper thigh
SIEstroke in evolution
SIWself-inflicted wound
SUIstress urinary incontinence
TCCurrent Temperature
TMNTumor Metastases Nodes (universal tumor staging system)
TPItreponema pallidum immobilization (syphilis test); trigger point injection
TRBFtotal renal blood flow
UAPunlicensed assistive personnel; unstable angina pectoris
VCDvacuum constriction device; vocal cord dysfunction
VCUGVoiding Cysto-Urethrogram
kU/Lkilounit per liter (allergy testing)
mmolmillimole (1/1000th of a mole)
p.r.n.As needed. So that it is not always done, but done only when the situation calls for it (or example, taking a pain medication only when having pain and not without pain).
reccrecommend or recommended

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