What is the omn. noct. medical abbreviation?

What does omn. noct. mean in medical terms?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation omn. noct.. However, what is the medical abbreviation omn. noct.?

What is the meaning of omn. noct. medical abbreviation?

In medical field, the omn. noct. medical term stands for every night.

omn. noct.: every night

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ASDAtrial Septal Defect
CLTCcitizens for long-term care
CNSCentral Nervous System
CSFCerebral Spinal Fluid
CTLSOcervical thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis
DOUDirect Observation Unit
FOBfoot of bed; fiberoptic bronchoscopy; fecal occult blood; father of baby
I&OIns and Outs
ICNinternational council of nurses
IEFisoelectric focusing
IICPincreased intracranial pressure
IMAinferior mesenteric artery
LALeft Atrium
LAFaleft anterior forearm
LBPLow Back Pain
LCSWLicensed Clinical Social Worker
LITTlaser-induced interstitial thermotherapy
LNLymph Node also Liquid Nitrogen
LOPleft occiput posterior
LSKliver, spleen, kidneys
MCAmiddle cerebral artery; motor cycle accident; mental capacity act
N/VNausea or vomiting.
NLNnational league for nursing
PCODPoly-Cystic Ovarian Disease
PEPhysical Exam; also Pulmonary Embolism
PROMpassive range of motion; premature rupture of membranes; patient-reported outcome measure
PTAPrior To Admission; Peritonsilar Abscess
PUOpyrexia of unknown origin
PtPlatinum (element)
RDUrheumatic disease unit
RRRespiratory Rate
RTFready to feed; resident treatment facility
S/Eside effects
SIRIserious incident requiring investigation
TCHturn, cough, hyperinflate
TMDtemporomandibular disorder
UMNUpper Motor Neuron
URTIupper respiratory tract infection
VEGFvascular endothelial growth factor
WICwomen, infants, children
kgkilogram (1 kg = 2.2 pounds = 1,000 g)
post oppost operation
q.p.as much as desired (quantum placeat)
qodEvery other day. As in taking a medicine every other day.
t.d.s.to be taken three times daily
varvariation, variety
wmwhite male

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