What does THC medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the medical term THC stand for?

Sometime, there may be more than one meaning of THC abbreviation. Below is the meaning that the abbreviation THC stands for.

What does THC medical abbreviation stand for?

In science & medicine, the THC medical term mean tetrahydrocannabinol (in marijuana and related).

THC: tetrahydrocannabinol (in marijuana and related)

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ADLActivities of Daily Living
BMSburning mouth syndrome; bone marrow suppression
CADCoronary Artery Disease
CD8cytotoxic T lymphocytes
CDHFchronic diastolic heart failure
CPDcongenital polycystic disease; chronic pulmonary disease; cephalopelvic disproportion
CPRCardiopulmonary Resucitation
DOCdeoxycorticosterone; drug of choice
EAEexperimental allergic encephalomyelitis
EOMextraocular muscles; extraocular movements
FGTfemale genital tract
FPEMfamily planning education materials
FTSGfull-thickness skin graft
I&DIncise and Drain
IGTimpaired glucose tolerance
IHInguinal Hernia (usually preceded by L or R)
IOVinitial office visit
IPPBintermittent positive pressure breathing
KBketone bodies; knee brace
LAFBleft anterior fascicular block
LMOliving modified organism
LOSlength of stay
MAO-Bmonoamine oxidase-b
MDAmedical device alert
NRTInucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
PAHpara-aminohippurate; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon
PASGpneumatic anti-shock garments
PPFplasma protein fraction
PROMpassive range of motion; premature rupture of membranes; patient-reported outcome measure
QPNGquinolone-resistant neisseria gonorrhea
RIGRabies Immunoglobulin
RVVCrecurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
ReRhenium (element)
SHEsafety, health and environment
SMBGself-monitoring of blood glucose
SMEsignificant medical event; subject matter expert
SMRsubmucous resection; standardized mortality ratio; sexual maturity rating
SROsingle room occupancy
SrStrontium (element)
T&CType and Cross
TIATransient Ischemic Attack
VINvulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
pcafter meals (post cibos)
perperiod(ic); for each; through or by
q.s.a sufficient quantity; as much as needed

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