What is LDL medical abbreviation?

What does the medical term LDL mean?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation LDL. However, what is the meaning of the medical abbreviation LDL?

What is the meaning of LDL medical abbreviation?

In medical field, the LDL medical term stands for Low Density Lipoprotein.

LDL: Low Density Lipoprotein

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ACLSAdvanced Cardiac Life Support
BTEbehind the ear (heading aids)
BVTbilateral ventilation tube(s)
BtBacillus thuringiensis
CAMcomplementary and alternative medicine
CBDCommon Bile Duct; Closed Bag Drainage
CEUcontinuing education unit
CHcongenital hypothyroidism; clinical hold
CLNclinical lead/liaison nurse
CWUcanal wall up
Cx Bxcervical biopsy
EBBendobronchial biopsy
ESBelectrical stimulation of the brain
ETAembryo toxicity assay; estimated time of arrival
FBForeign Body
FPEMfamily planning education materials
FPIAfluorescence polarization immunoassay
FTPfailure to progress
FTTFailure To Thrive
GHRFgrowth hormone-releasing factor
HDLHigh Density Lipoprotein
HGHhuman growth hormone
ISAintrinsic sympathomimetic activity
LFTSliver function test series
MDmuscular dystrophy; medical doctor; Meniere’s disease
MPBmultipodus boot
NSNormal Saline
NYDnot yet diagnosed
OTCOver The Counter
PCIPercutaneous Coronary Intervention
PFDpersonal flotation device (life jacket)
PMHPast Medical History
PTRplatelet transfusion reaction
ROMRange Of Motion
SCLEsubacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus
SSNHLsudden sensorineural hearing loss
TARtotal ankle replacement; total all routes (intake)
TIATransient Ischemic Attack
U aunit a
VREvancomycin-resistant enterococci
WPDwarm, pink, dry (skin signs)
dgmdecigram (one tenth of a gram)
difdifferential blood count
ungointment (unguentum)

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