What is the meaning of IARs medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation IARs mean?

In some cases, the abbreviation IARs may have a few different meanings. However, what is IARs in medical terms?

What does IARs medical abbreviation mean?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation IARs stands for Infusion-Associated Reactions.

IARs: Infusion-Associated Reactions

Related Medical Abbreviations

A/V NickingArteriolar/Venous Nicking
AAHIVMThe American Academy of HIV Medicine
AATPAnesthesia Assistant Training Program
ABBIAudio Bracelet for Blind Interaction
BIVADBi-Ventricular Assist Device
BMTBone Marrow Transplant
BPRBleeding Per Rectum
BPdblood pressure, diastolic
BRBPRBright Red Blood Per Rectum
BRPABlosome Root Plex and Atonic
BSOMbilateral serous otitis media
BTBbreakthrough bleeding
BVTbilateral ventilation tube(s)
CFUcolony forming unit
CIDPChronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
CKBCorporation des Karabins de Bicêtre (French medical student association)
CKTPCertified Kinesio Taping Practitioner
CLRICentres for Learning Research and Innovation in long-term care
CMSCenters for Medicare and Medicaid
CMTCervical Motion Tenderness; Charcot Marie Tooth
CNTDCentre for Neglected Tropical Diseases
CRIFclosed reduction-internal fixation
DIABDepartment of Experimental Diabetology
DMMCDarul Makmur Medical Centre
DSM-IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition
DWIdriving while intoxicated
EMGSEnvironmental and Medical Gas Services
EMHEmergency Medical Holographic
ESIGelectronic signature
EuEuropium (element)
FFLflexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy
FPFamily Practitioner
FWSIFunctional & Wellness Sciences Institute
GDMgestational diabetes mellitus
GGSHGardens Green Space and Health
HELPHealth Equipment Loan Program
HEMHolzapfel Effective Microbes
ICHIntra-Cranial Hemorrhage
INRInternational Normalized Ratio
ISRimmune status ration
JEMSEmergency Medical Services
KPCKlebsiella Pneumonia Carbapenemase
LFTSliver function test series
MCHIMaternal and Child Health Initiative
MMMultiple Myeloma
MSRRMedical Student Rights and Responsibilities
MSSMedical Social Sciences
MUGAmultiple gated acquisition
MUSmedically unexplained symptoms
NASHnon-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NMINuclear Medicine Institute
NNUneonatal unit
OFTTorganic failure to thrive
OHMAOccupational Health Medical Adviser
OOHout of hospital
PAPpulmonary artery pressure; peak airway pressure; patient assistance programs
PMIPProfessional Medical Information Page
PMSPremenstrual syndrome
PMUpain management unit
PODpostoperative day; post operative day
RHright hand
RMSARetiree Medical Savings Account
ROMRange Of Motion
RPPrate pressure product
RTTreferral to treatment
SAAGSerum Ascites Albumin Gradient
SFsugar free; serum ferritin; safety factor; synovial fluid
SSNSocial Security Number
TVHtotal vaginal hysterectomy
UMIMOUnité Mobile d’intervention Médicale Offshore
UNSAUnstable Angina
URTIupper respiratory tract infection
ZSMUZaporizhia State Medical University
dRVVTDilute Russell’s viper venom time
maxmaxilla, maxillary; maximum
omn. noct.every night
part. vic.in divided doses (partitis vicibus)
platsplatelet; platelets
qpas much as desired (quantum placeat)
rescresuscitation; rescue

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