What does W/V mean in medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation W/V stand for?

The W/V abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what does the W/V medical term stand for?

What does W/V mean in medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the meaning of the W/V medical abbreviation is Weight By Volume.

W/V: Weight By Volume

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ADFAAustralian Doctors for Africa
AFBAcid Fast Bacterium
AMDCAdult Medical Day Care
ANDAxillary Node Dissection
ASOLAnesthesia Services of Lynchburg
ASOTAnti-Streptococcal Titre
BHNYBehavioral Healthcare Of New York
BIDTwice a Day
CERHCenter for Environmental and Respiratory Health
CSHOCenter for Sustainable Health Outreach
CTZchemoreceptor trigger zone
CUmcubic micron
D5WDextrose 5% in Water
DMMCDarul Makmur Medical Centre
DOIdigital object identifier; date of injury
DSOPDental Student Outreach Program
EACexternal auditory canal; erythema annulare centrifugum
ECLSextracorporeal life support
ECPemergency contraceptive pill
EOHExpenditure On Health
EOLCend of life care
FACHMFellow of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine
FACPFellow of the American College of Physicians
FNEfiberoptic nasal endoscopy
GITTglucose insulin tolerance test
GdGadolinium (element)
HATIPHIV & AIDS Treatment In Practice
HHRGhome health resource group
HIMhealth information management; hepatosplenomegaly
HIMMHorizon International Medical Missions (Savannah, GA)
HPHCHarvard Pilgrim Health Care
ICSDInternational Classification of Sleep Disorders
ICSIintracytoplasmic sperm injection
ISMJIranian South Medical Journal
JEMPJournal of Ethiopian Medical Practice
LAOCLos Angeles Orthopaedic Center
LSILlow-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
LTGlong-term goals
MASHmobile army surgical hospital
MBPMedical Bomaterial Products
MCOmanaged care organization
MCOCMedical Center of Ocean County
MHWAMental Health Workers Alliance
MNBNMedicare News Brief Network
MPSmucopolysaccharidosis; Medical Protection Society
MRCCMedical Representatives Certification Commission
MRCPMagnetic Resonance Cholangio Pancreatography
MnManganese (element)
NBHSnewborn hearing screen
NFTDnormal full term delivery
NGSnext generation sequencing
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
OBOccult Blood (followed by ‘+’ or ‘-‘)
OHLSOccupational Hearing Loss Surveillance
OmPCouter membrane protein complex
PALSPediatric Advanced Life Support
PCPPrimary Care Physician; also Pneumocystis Pneumonia
PMPLPrimary Medical Performers List
PRMpartial-rebreathing mask
PRPpolysaccharide-ribitol-phosphate vaccine; platelet-rich plasma; pan retinal photocoagulation
PSHPast Surgical History
QHFMQueensland Health Funding Model
QLquality of life
RAMrapid alternating movements
RBCRed Blood Cell
ROMRange Of Motion
RSNARadiological Society of North America
SAHMSociety for Adolescent Health and Medicine
SFIMSporadic Fatal Infectious Mononucleosis
SISuicidal Ideation
SVRsustained virologic response; systemic vascular resistance
SWDshort wave diathermy
TDTetanus and Diptheria Vaccination; Tardive Dyskinesia
THATotal Hip Arthroplasty
TOBESAHOLTobacco, Obesity and Alcohol
VRAvisual reinforcement audiometry
WLOIWeight Loss On Ignition
YMIHYale Mothers and Infants Health
dislocdislocate, dislocation
laxloose; laxative
mg/dlmilligrams per deciliter
monomonocyte; mononucleosis
obstobstruct, obstruction
qhrevery hour (quaque hora)
respresponse; respiration

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