What does SVIR medical abbreviation stand for?

What does medical abbreviation SVIR mean?

There may be more than one meaning of SVIR. Here is the meaning of SVIR mean in medical terms.

What is the meaning of SVIR medical abbreviation?

In the science & medicine, the meaning of the medical abbreviation SVIR is Susceptible Vaccinated Infectious Recovered.

SVIR: Susceptible Vaccinated Infectious Recovered

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ABTAAmerican Brain Tumor Association
ACESActive Community Environments
AMECAnnual Medical Education Conference
AMNDAge-Matched Non-Demented
AVNRTAtrio-Ventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia
BCPbirth control pill(s)
BMDCBangladesh Medical & Dental Council
BRFBig Red Flag
CBLLcapillary blood lead level
CCSSChildhood Cancer Survivor Study
CEMCHCenter of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health
CHOTCenter for Health Organization Transformation
CLODclinical lead for organ donation
COATChildren’s Orientation and Amnesia Test
CPEGChild Psychiatric Epidemiology Group
CPhTCertified Pharmacy Technician
DANADefense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment
DHMODistrict Health and Medical Officer
DKADiabetic Ketoacidosis
EECPEnhanced External Cardiac Pulsation
EIearly intervention
EMARElectronic Medical Administration Record
EMT(s)Emergency Medical Technician
ETCO2end-tidal carbon dioxide
FCHPFallon Community Health Plan
FSTHFrom Sickness to Health
GRINGenetics Robotics Information And Nanotechnology
H/O or h/oHistory of. A past event that occurred.
HCSMHealth Care Sharing Ministries
HEOHealth Education Outreach
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HUEHospital Universitario Esperanza
IARMIrish Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
IHMIndian Head Massage
IOPIntra-Ocular Pressure
KLSkidney, liver, spleen
LBCWSLaboratory of Biodiversity Conservation of Water and Soil
LCHDLivingston County Health Department
LDCRLate Diastolic Coronary Resistance
LIRLLeClerc Icing Research Laboratory
LLEleft lower extremity
LTLlaparoscopic tubal ligation
LVAleft ventricular aneurysm
MCCPMedical Claims Conciliation Panel
MELTMyofascial Energetic Length Technique
MPEBMedical Premium Expense Benefit
MTPJmetatarsophalangeal joint
NEHSNational Equine Health Survey
NNUHNorfolk and Norwich University Hospital
NSSPnormal size, shape, position
NaClSodium Chloride
OMPObagi Medical Products
OPOOrgan Procurement Organization
PADSpreventive aggression device system
PCV7Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (7-valent) (no longer available)
PDEPPediatric Diabetes Education Portal
PE tubespolyethylene tubes
PMIUPortable Medical Isolation Unit
PPCRsPre-Hospital Patient Care Reports
PUPOAPressure Ulcer Present on Admit
PURTPatterned Urge Response Toileting
QSHEQuality Safety Health and Environment
RHright hand
RURepertorium Universale
ReRhenium (element)
S/UIQSimplified Urinary Impact Questionnaire
SCIVSpinal Cord Injured Volunteers
SUDJDSudanese Journal of Dermatology
StNStudent Nurse
TARGToronto Area Research Group
TCTPTranslationally-Controlled Tumor Protein
TIP3Pthree-site transferrable intermolecular potential
TPRLThermophysical Properties Research Laboratory (West Lafayette, IN)
TSTtuberculin skin test
USPSTFUnited States Preventive Services Task Force
VADvascular access device
VAERSVaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
VMPCVentral Medial Prefrontal Cortex
WMJWisconsin Medical Journal
WWEWomen with Epilepsy
YOByear of birth
YROYear- Round Operations
begbegin, began, beginning
mm3cubic millimeter
quadquadrant; quadriceps
vWDvon Willebrand disease

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