RU medical abbreviation, what is the meaning of it?

What does the RU medical term stand for?

In some cases, the abbreviation RU may have a few different meanings. However, what does the medical term RU stand for?

What does RU mean in medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical term RU stands for Repertorium Universale.

RU: Repertorium Universale

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ADPKDAutosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
AHCPRAdministration for Health Care Policy and Research
ASMTAmerican Society of Medical Technologists
BAFMBritish Association in Forensic Medicine
BAUSBritish Association of Urological Surgeons
BCMPBachelor of Clinical Medical Practice
BPADbipolar affective disorder
BSEbovine spongiform encephalopathy; breast self-examination
C/TGcholesterol/triglyceride ratio
CCHcare closer to home
CCUcritical care unit; coronary/cardiac care unit
CDMACollege of Dental Medicine Arizona
CFRCertified First Responder; child fatality review; Code of Federal Regulations; case fatality ratio
CMIChronic multisymptom illness
CNPBCCollege of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (licensing body in BC)
CSFCerebral Spinal Fluid
CSIIcontinuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
D&Edilation and evacuation
DDMIDevelopmentally Disabled Mental Illness
DMHODistrict Medical and Health Offices
DOAdate of admission; duration of action; dead on arrival
DOHdepartment of health
EABelective abortion
EBepidermolysis bullosa
EDRCEpidemiology Data Resource Center
ENGelectronystagmography; electronystagmogram
Ed.DDoctor of Education
FPNFranciscan Physician Network
FTPfailure to progress
GAGeneral Anesthesia
GMgrandmother; genetically modified
GNDgram-negative diplococci
GOOGastric Outlet Obstruction
HDVCHealth for Disabled and Vulnerable Children
HFMUHoffman Family Medicine University
HMOhealth maintenance organization
IDCinstitution disciplinary committee
IIFindirect immunofluorescence
IMIntramuscular also Intramedullary
IVIGintravenous immunoglobulin
LEBLife Expectancy at Birth
LPDluteal phase defect
LRPATLaboratoire de Radiopathologie (French: Radiopathology Laboratory)
LVGleft ventriculogram
MCVMean Corpuscular Volume
MMFRmaximum mid-expiratory flow rate
MPJmetacarpophalangeal joint
MSIFMultiple Sclerosis International Federation
MSPVMedical Surgical Prime Vendor
MSRmotor sensory reflex
MTOPSMedical Therapy of Prostatic Symptoms
NAECNational Association of Epilepsy Centers
NHMANational Hispanic Medical Association
NHPnursing home placement
NMNMNaprapathic Medicine of New Mexico
NOMPNo Mechanoreceptor Potential
O2SatOxygen saturation (percent)
OFTTorganic failure to thrive
OHCMOxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
OHMAOccupational Health Medical Adviser
PCO2carbon dioxide pressure
PEPhysical Exam; also Pulmonary Embolism
POLSTphysician orders for life-sustaining therapy
PONVpost-operative nausea and vomiting
PPIProton Pump Inhibitor
PREprogressive resistive exercise
PRPpolysaccharide-ribitol-phosphate vaccine; platelet-rich plasma; pan retinal photocoagulation
PSMBPopulation and Systems Medicine Board
QALYquality-adjusted life year
QNSQuantity Not Sufficient
R&Wrecreation and welfare
R-Lright to left
RIBArecombinant immunoblot assay
SASstatistical analysis system; symptom assessment scale
SSMCSouth Shore Medical Center
TAFtriage assessment form
TCCurrent Temperature
TMDDTarget–Mediated Drug Disposition
TPURtransperineal urethral resection
TRADCTRace Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
U aunit a
URTupper respiratory tract
WIVWuhan Institute of Virology
eIPVenhanced-potency inactivated poliovirus vaccine
kgkilogram (1 kg = 2.2 pounds = 1,000 g)
ststraight; stage (disease); stomach

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