What does CHOT medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical term CHOT mean?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation CHOT. However, what is the meaning of the medical term CHOT?

What does CHOT stand for in medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the medical term CHOT means Center for Health Organization Transformation.

CHOT: Center for Health Organization Transformation

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AANLAnesthesia Associates of New London
ABDMAmerican Board of Disaster Medicine
AMBU bagBag-valve-mask resusicitator used in an Ambulance
ASAortic Stenosis; also Anklyosing Spondylitis
ASHRMAmerican Society of Healthcare Risk Management
BCAbichloroacetic acid
BCLBiomedical Cybernetics Laboratory
BHHBehavioral Health Home
CAEcomplement activity enzyme
CHTSCertified Healthcare Technology Specialist
CMDCanadian Medical Directory
CMGBClub Medical du Grand Boulogne
CMRIChildren’s Medical Research Institute
CMVCyto-Megalo Virus
CNIBCanadian National Institute for the Blind
CSculture and sensitivity; completed stroke; close supervision; clinically significant; chondroitin sulfate; cesarean section; cardiogenic shock; cardiac sphincter
CSHLCold Springs Hostage Laboratory
CVACerebral Vascular Accident
CVFPCentral Virginia Family Physicians
CWRcanal wall reconstruction
DEPICTEDDevelopment and Evaluation of a Psychosocial Intervention in Children and Teenagers Experiencing Diabetes
DFEDilated Fundus Examination
DHxdrug history
DMLSDirect Metal Laser Sintering
EBAepidermolysis bullosa acquisita
EFIMEuropean Federation of Internal Medicine
EMDAelectromotive drug administration
FIPFeline Infectious Pertinitis
FODIFederation of Operative Dentistry of India
FSBSfinger stick blood glucose/sugar
G-TubeGastric Feeding Tube
GOTAGeorgia Occupational Therapy Association
GRACEGlobal Registry of Acute Coronary Events
HCP1Haem Carrier Protein 1
HL7Health Level 7
HPPSHealth Promotion and Preventive Services
HSAhealth services administration; human serum albumin
HVhome visit/visitor
HWWHospital Without Walls
HbCHemoglobin C; abnormal hemoglobin
IDMPInternational Day of Medical Physics
IETOInjury epidemiology transport occupation
IOLIntra-Ocular Lens
ITPSInsecticide-treated plastic sheeting
LLSCLincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center
MARTMaintenance And Reliever Therapy
MCRAMedical Care Recovery Act
MDMSMyositis Data Management System
MDUMedical Defence Union
MPAGMidlands Paediatric Allergy Group
MSSCMedical Society of Sedgwick County
MTBmycobacterium tuberculosis
MWSMedical Waste Services
NADNo Apparent Distress; No Acute Disease
NCnasal cannula
NIHBNon-Insured Health Benefit
NMUDNon Medical Use of Drugs
NYDnot yet diagnosed
OCPCCOsteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada
OPTROregon Pancreatic Tumor Registry
P VAXPneumococcal Vaccination
PMRAPulmonary Magnetic Resonance Angiography
PNBXProstate Needle Biopsy
RWLSRegional West Laboratory Services
SAE(S)Serious Adverse Event(S)
SAFMSchool of Applied Functional Medicine
SELAMSociety for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine
SOBEshortness of breath on exertion
STISSexually Transmitted Infection STI
TMHAPTranscultural Mental Health Access Program
TlThallium (element)
UMIMOUnité Mobile d’intervention Médicale Offshore
URODUroporphyrinogen decarboxylase
VILVascular Imaging Laboratory
W-RISQSWork-Related and Injury Statistics Query System
WAHSWatertown Area Health Services
WHHWorkplace Health Hazard
WPHCWhite Plains Hospital Center
WSDFWater Soluble Dietary Fiber
descdescent, descending
q.l.as much as wanted (quantum libet)
qpas much as desired (quantum placeat)

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