What does StN medical abbreviation stand for?

What does medical abbreviation StN mean?

In some cases, the abbreviation StN may have a few different meanings. However, what does StN mean in medical terms?

StN medical abbreviation, what is the meaning of it?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation StN stands for Student Nurse.

StN: Student Nurse

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ACDFAnterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
AGDAnogenital Distance
AGGCAtlantic Giant Genetics Cooperative
AHRMMAssociation for Healthcare Resource Materials Management
AMALAero Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMOACEAim, Method, Observation, Analysis, Conclusion, Evaluation
ASCOTAnglo Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial
BAEPbrainstem auditory evoked potentials
BHbehavioral health
BSHSMBachelor of Science in Health Services Management
CABAChinese American BioMedical Association
CAHECentre for Allied Health Evidence
CBGcapillary blood gas; corticosteroidbinding globulin
CCMDColorado Collective for Medical Decisions
CHEJCenter for Health Environment and Justice
CLAHChild Life and Health
CMSNChildren’s Medical Services Network
CNMCCentral Nebraska Medical Clinic
CTTMCenter for Translational Transplant Medicine
DLISDigoxin Like Immunoreactive Substance
DNICDiffuse Noxious Inhibitory Control
DOIdigital object identifier; date of injury
DOPDigital OrthoPhoto
DOTWDoctors Of The World
DPGNdiffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis
DWWDiabetic White Women
ECPSEmergency Care Physician Services
EOPemergency operations plan
EPBIEnterococcal Primary Bloodstream Infection
FBMEFaculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering
FHFFulminant Hepatic Failure
FOCUSFront-lines On Covid-19 U’re Superheros
FVCforced vital capacity
GTCGas Treatment Centre
HHAGHealth Hazards Assessments Group
HPFhigh-powered field
ICHIntra-Cranial Hemorrhage
IPKIntractable Plantar Keratoma
IUCDintrauterine contraceptive device
KFSHKing Faisal Specialist Hospital
LISNListening In Spatialized Noise
MAOImonoamine oxidase inhibitor
MAPCAMajor Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries
MIEMedical Informatics Engineering
MISMEMultiple inherited schwannomas, meningiomas, and ependymomas
MLDAMethylation Linear Discriminant Analysis
MOImechanism of injury
MSETMedical Surgical Emergency Team
NCSHPNorth Carolina State Health Plan
NIFNegative Inspiratory Force
NRFHTNorth Renfrew Family Health Team
OHSTOccupational Health Safety Technologist
PBTAPediatric Brain Tumor Atlas
PCPMPenn Center for Precision Medicine
PEEPpositive end expiratory pressure
PEGPercutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
PSAProstate Specific Antigen
PUFApolyunsaturated fatty acid
RE-LYRandomized Evaluation of Long-Term Anticoagulation Therapy
RHFright heart failure
RIMARight Internal Mammary Artery
RNRegistered Nurse
RT-PCRreverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction
SCAARSwedish Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty Registry
SONPsoft organs not palpable
T Bilitotal bilirubin
TBWtotal body water; total body weight
TCRBTobacco Control Research Branch
TORBtelephone order read back
TSStoxic shock syndrome
UAIDUnited Against Infectious Diseases
UBTHUniversity of Benin Teaching Hospital
UBVUltrasound Bone Velocity
UCMUniversity of Chicago Medicine
UNOSUnited Network For Organ Sharing
UWHRUtah Women’s Health Review
VCPVaginal Contact Point
VLvastis lateralis; viral load
WCDWorld Congress of Dermatology
WISHWeight Institute and Surgical Healthcare
WSMHWongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital
decubdecubitus (lying down)
dirdirect; director; direction
eAGestimated average glucose
qhrevery hour (quaque hora)
recrecommend or recommended
t.d.s.to be taken three times daily

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