EMT(s) medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation EMT(s)?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of EMT(s). However, what does the medical abbreviation EMT(s) stand for?

What does EMT(s) mean in medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the medical abbreviation EMT(s) means Emergency Medical Technician.

EMT(s): Emergency Medical Technician

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AAAlcoholics Anonymous; African American
AAHSAcademy of Allied Health and Science
AFHAAssociation of Future Healthcare Administrators
AIHOAlliance for Improving Health Outcomes
AMALAero Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMENDAssociation for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders
APHSAcademy of Pre Health Scholars
BAHBoard of Animal Health
BIABio- impedance analyzer
BJIBone and Joint Infection
BMBBritish Medical Bulletin
BTLSbasic trauma life support
CASPACentralized Application Service for Physician Assistants
COTNicotine/Cotinine (COT test)
CQIcontinuous quality improvement; clinical quality indicator
CRNAcertified registered nurse anesthetist
CRPScomplex regional pain syndrome
CvScardiovascular system
DECADevereux Early Childhood Assessment
ELDUextra-label drug use
FRSflexed rotated side bent
GADSGilliam Asperger Disorder Scale
GCSGlascow Coma Scale
GERgastroesophageal reflux
GHRAGlobal Health Repurposing Awards
HBTHydrogen Breath Test
HCSGHealthcare Services Group
HEWDepartment of Health, Education, and Welfare
HMFCHelicopter Medical Flight Crew
IABCintra-aortic balloon counterpulsation
IAWin accordance with
IGFinsulin-like growth factor
IUBIntraUterine Ball
JIMCHJahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital
JPJackson Pratt
KLSkidney, liver, spleen
LBOLarge Bowel Obstruction
LSKliver, spleen, kidneys
MAMCmidarm muscle circumference
MCFmiddle cranial fossa
MMPIMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
MOmedical officer; months old
MSTmulti-systemic therapy
MTBmycobacterium tuberculosis
NInot indicated
NNRNot necessary to return
NWHNNational Women’s Health Network
NaSodium. An essential electrolyte frequently monitored regularly in intensive care.
OASISOn-line Asperger’s Syndrome Information and Support
OB+occult blood positive
OFDoccipitofrontal diameter
OPCOOrgan Pump Committee of Oberlin
OPSOSAOPeratore SOcio SAnitario
PARparaffin; patient at risk; post anesthesia recovery
PIMRPediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency
PJCpremature junctional contraction
PMEDPortable Medical Electronic Devices
PRPpolysaccharide-ribitol-phosphate vaccine; platelet-rich plasma; pan retinal photocoagulation
PTAPrior To Admission; Peritonsilar Abscess
PTHCPigmented Terminal Hair Cyst
QOSQuality Of Sleep
Qbblood flow
RACright antecubital
RDMEResearch and Development in Medical Education
REVRhino-/Enteric Viruses
RMTretromolar trigone
SAMRCSouth African Medical Research Council
SARSubject Access Request
SFTSolitary Fibrous Tumor
SJMHSSaint Joseph Mercy Health System
SJTsituational judgement test
SRASpecimen Reception Area
SVIMSSri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences
TDR-TBtotally drug-resistant tuberculosis
TENStranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
UMOUndersea Medical Officer
UVJuretero vesicle junction
UVRUltra-Violet radiation
VDGVentricular Diastolic Gallop
WCSTWisconsin Card Sorting Test
WHWLWomen’s Health – Women’s Lives Conference
decubdecubitus (lying down)
dosdose, dosage
w/nwell nourished

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