What does PJC medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the PJC medical term stand for?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the PJC abbreviation. However, what is PJC in medical terms?

What is the meaning of PJC medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the PJC abbreviation stands for premature junctional contraction.

PJC: premature junctional contraction

Related Medical Abbreviations

BLEbilateral lower extremities; both lower extremities
BOTbase of tongue
CBFcerebral blood flow
CRIChronic Renal Insufficiency
DNTdid not test
ECLAMEuropean Consensus Lupus Activity Measure
Ed.DDoctor of Education
FOBfoot of bed; fiberoptic bronchoscopy; fecal occult blood; father of baby
GPCGram Positive Coccus
H&PHistory and physical examination.
HBIGhepatitis B immune globulin
IDMinfant of diabetic mother
IIDintermittent infusion device (saline lock)
KBketone bodies; knee brace
LDHLactate Dehydrogenase
LELower Extremity (usually preceded by R or L); Leukocyte Esterase
LMCAleft main coronary artery
LNDLymph Node Dissection
MAOmonoamine oxidase
MLCmidline catheter; multi lumen catheter
MSDSmaterial safety data sheet
MSSAMethicillin Sensitive Staph Aureus
NCPNursing care plan
NHPnursing home placement
NMJneuromuscular junction
NSTnon-stress test
OFTTorganic failure to thrive
PALperipheral arterial line
PCAPatient Controlled Analgesia
PEApulseless electrical activity
PHRpersonal health record; public health research
POPsprogestin-only contraceptive pills
PPIProton Pump Inhibitor
PUOpyrexia of unknown origin
PaO2arterial oxygen partial pressure [case sensitive]
R/IRule In
RHFright heart failure
RIBArecombinant immunoblot assay
RIHright inguinal herniorrhaphy
RuRuthenium (element)
SIBself-injurious behavior
TARtotal ankle replacement; total all routes (intake)
nLnanoliter (billionth of a liter)
trit.triturate, grind

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