WMJ medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What does the abbreviation WMJ mean in medical terms?

There may be more than one meaning of WMJ. However, what is the meaning of the medical abbreviation WMJ?

What is the WMJ medical abbreviation?

In medical field, the WMJ medical term stands for Wisconsin Medical Journal.

WMJ: Wisconsin Medical Journal

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AAOMAmerican Association of Orthopedic Medicine
AGSDAnimal Genome Size Database
ALLAllergies; also Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
AOBEMAmerican Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine
APCUAcute Palliative Care Unit
ASAPSAmerican Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
BEPbleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin
BGDBrassica Genome Database
BHCSBureau of Health Care Services
BIIJBiomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal
BKMCBacha Khan Medical College
BPSbilateral partial salpingectomy
CANDCanadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors
CCTNCoronary Care-Trained Nurse
CEGACombined Epidural General Anesthesia
CHRSCommunity Health Regional Systems
CMHSDCentre for Mental Health Services Development
CPM POLChlorPheniraMine POListirex
CRRTcontinuous renal replacement therapy
CWDcanal wall down
DDdry dressing; differential diagnosis; developmental disability; delivery date
DHSdynamic hip screw
ECCextracorporeal circulation; emergency cardiac care; endocervical curettage; early childhood caries (tooth decay)
EDCAMEducational Development for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Reston, VA)
EOCMEElsevier Office of Continuing Medical Education
EPHOEnvironmental Public Health Operations
FAIRFacilitates,Allows,Inhibits,Restricts (occupational participation)
FER PYROFerric Pyrophosphate
FGLFunctional Genomics Laboratory
FVMAFox Valley Medical Associates
GRASgenerally recognized as safe
GRSGender Reassignment Surgery
HASEHIV+ AIDS Search Engine
HCMDHealth Care Management Division
HIMMHorizon International Medical Missions (Savannah, GA)
HKCHHong Kong Children’s Hospital
HPSHantavirus pulmonary syndrome. A type of contagious, infectious disease transmitted by rats infected with the virus.
HPVHuman Papilloma Virus
HSLEHealth Science Learning Exchange
HTLV-IIIhuman t lymphotropic virus type iii
IAMInternal Auditory Meatus
IMATInternational Medical Admissions Test
IMNInternational Medical Network
IMSEInternational Medical Supply and Equipment
JNKc-Jun NH2-terminal Kinase
JVMRJournal of Veterinary Medical Research
KDPIKidney Donor Profile Index
LCPDLegg-Calve-Perthes disease
LHRHALeuteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone Agonist
LMCLLeft-Mid-Central Lobe
LOAELLowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
LVEDPLeft Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
MISmanagement information system/service; misoprostol
MLSMedical Lab Scientist
MMMultiple Myeloma
MNSTMalignant Nerve Sheath Tumor
NADNo Apparent Distress; No Acute Disease
NETNational Engagement Team
NOEMSNew Orleans Emergency Medical Services
NdNeodymium (element)
OPCOOrgan Pump Committee of Oberlin
PEHProgram in Ethics and Health
PFCPPrimary familial and congenital polycythaemia
PHAWPublic health in the Arab world
PHMCPublic Health Management Corporation
PPPPublic-private partnership
PSEUDOEPH SULFPseudoephedrine Sulfate
R/Trelated to
RPEratings of perceived exertion; retinal pigment epithelium
RUDright uterine displacement
SBEMSubacute Bacterial EMpyema
SGDSaccharomyces Genome Database
SLHTSouth London Healthcare Trust
SPEPSerum Protein Electro-Pheresis
TARTTesticular Adrenal Rest Tumor
THIFTerritorial Health Investment Fund
TIStumor in situ
UPPurethral pressure profile
USACHPPMUnited States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
VEQEquilibrium Volume
WAMVWare And Mole Varnish
WAOWorld Allergy Organization
WAPwandering atrial pacer; written action plan
WHO-ARTWorld Health Organization Adverse Reaction Terminology
YACVYacaaba Virus

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