What does S/UIQ mean in medical abbreviation?

What does S/UIQ mean in medical terms?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the S/UIQ abbreviation. However, what does the medical abbreviation S/UIQ mean?

What does S/UIQ mean in medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation S/UIQ means Simplified Urinary Impact Questionnaire.

S/UIQ: Simplified Urinary Impact Questionnaire

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AARICAutism, Assessment, Research, and Intervention Clinic
ADTPAlcohol and Drug Treatment Program
AMAPApproved Medication Approved Person
ARSAcute Retroviral Syndrome
BCRFBlood Center Research Foundation
BFRblood flow rate
BIDSbedtime insulin and daytime sulfonylureas
BIVADBi-Ventricular Assist Device
CALPCarbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program
CCDConsiderable conduct disorder
CPAACCentral Pennsylvania Asthma and Allergy Care
CPSCClinical Problem Solving Cases
CRCCertified Rehabilitation Counselor
CSMCCedars Sinai Medical Center
CVcardiovascular; curriculum vitae
CVIchronic venous insufficiency
DATMDigital Access to Medication
DCRDDivision of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Devices
DIPHEN CITRDiphenhydramine Citrate
DQSADrug Quality and Security Act
DSDown’s Syndrome; degenerative spondylolisthesis; drug substance
EBLLelevated blood lead level
EEMEssentials of Emergency Medicine
EOHExpenditure On Health
ETHICEmerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovations Congress
FAPAFellow of the American Psychological Association
FUSFocused Ultrasound Surgery
GNMGerman New Medicine
HCBRHospital Comparison Benchmark Reports
HNHigh Nitrogen
HPHCHarvard Pilgrim Health Care
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
IPPBintermittent positive pressure breathing
IgGimmunoglobulin G
KDWKing Doctor Wisdom
KLSkidney, liver, spleen
LCMleft costal margin
LIFAleft inner forearm
LLIFLateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion
LVGleft ventriculogram
MDUMedical Defence Union
MERTmedical emergency response team
MHCSMemorial Health Care Systems
MLREMedicine Lake Recipe Exchange
MPHmiles per hour; Master of Public Health
MSRFMedical Student Research Fellowship
NASHnon-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NCMANational Certification Medical Association
NDFno disease found
NFRNot For Resuscitation
NOTCENational Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (Canada)
NWTSNational Wilms Tumor Study
O.D.Right eye.
OHIPOntario Health Insurance Plan
OMIof the Medical Investigator
PCAfter Meals
PE tubespolyethylene tubes
PLPPatient Left Practice
PMSCPeoria Medical Student Council
PNVprenatal vitamins
RACErescue, alarm, confine, extinguish (fire safety)
RDSARenal Digital Subtraction Arteriography (radiology)
RIPHHRoyal Institute of Public Health Hygiene
SCHPSchool of Community Health and Policy
SHPGSchool Health Professional Grant
SSNHLsudden sensorineural hearing loss
SWBSubjective Well Being
T.T.Tetanus Toxoid
TPItreponema pallidum immobilization (syphilis test); trigger point injection
TSLPthymic stromal lymphopoietin
TTHHTwin Tier Home Health
UAMSUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
UGFUro- Genital Fistula
UHIDUniversal Healthcare Identifier
UMRNUnique Medical Record Number
VARVaricella Vaccine
VLBWvery low birth weight
WBCCWhite Blood Cell Count
WIVWuhan Institute of Virology
WQDWestern Queens Dialysis
WTAHWest Trenton Animal Hospital
pro timeprothrombin time

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