What is the meaning of VLBW medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation VLBW mean?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of VLBW. However, what does the abbreviation VLBW stand for in medical terms?

What does VLBW medical abbreviation mean?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation VLBW means very low birth weight.

VLBW: very low birth weight

Related Medical Abbreviations

APDAfferent Pupillary Defect
BTEbehind the ear (heading aids)
BWbirth weight; body weight
C&SCulture and sensitivity, performed to detect infection.
CMTCervical Motion Tenderness; Charcot Marie Tooth
CSHcombat support hospital
CSHFchronic systolic heart failure
DNC, D&C, or D and CDilation and curettage. Widening the cervix and scrapping with a curette for the purpose of removing tissue lining the inner surface of the womb (uterus).
DREDigital Rectal Exam
ETSenvironmental tobacco smoke (exposure)
G-tubegastrostomy tube
HHSU.S. Department of Health and Human Services
IGHimpaired glucose homeostasis
IVDintervertebral disk disease; in vitro diagnostics
KUBKidneys Ureters and Bladder
L-2second lumbar vertebra
LATSlong-acting thyroid stimulator
LDlearning disability; left deltoid; lactate dehydrogenase; lactic dehydrogenase; lethal dose
MDTmultidisciplinary team
MMMultiple Myeloma
MPBmultipodus boot
MSSAMethicillin Sensitive Staph Aureus
N&Vnausea and vomiting
O/Eon examination
OCPOral Contraceptive Pill
Ophthophthalmology; ophthalmoscope
POCTpoint of care testing
PTCpoints to consider; plasma thromboplastin component; percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography; papillary thyroid cancer
R/Lright to left
RDRetinal Detachment; also Registered Dietician
RUTright upper thigh
RVADRight Ventricular Assist Device
SFsugar free; serum ferritin; safety factor; synovial fluid
SMEsignificant medical event; subject matter expert
SPFSun Protection Formula
SSSSstaphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
SWIsurgical wound infection
TIATransient Ischemic Attack
X&Dexamination and diagnosis
YbYtterbium (element)
After meals. As in take two tablets after meals.
v/vvolume per volume

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