What does E2 stand for in medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation E2 mean in medical terms?

In some cases, the abbreviation E2 may have a few different meanings. However, what does the abbreviation E2 stand for in medical terms?

E2 medical abbreviation, what is the meaning of it?

In science & medicine, it is Estradiol the medical abbreviation E2 stands for.

E2: Estradiol

Related Medical Abbreviations

AAHIVMThe American Academy of HIV Medicine
ARAortic Regurge
BEEbasal energy expenditure
BHDWBehavioral Health Data Warehouse
BIMSBelgaum Institute of Medical Science
BSLMBritish Society of Lifestyle Medicine
C&Aconscious and alert
C&Cconfirmed and compatible
CBTcomputer-based training; cognitive behavioral therapy
CEACarcinoembryonic Antigen
CHSBCentral Health Services Building
COCPCombined Oral Contraceptive Pill
CPHSSCincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
CPPCerebral Perfusion Pressure
CRconditioned reflex; creatinine; complete remission; controlled release (medication); crown-rump length
DHADubai Health Authority
DPHDepartment of Public Health; Doctor of Public Health
DPTdiphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (vaccine)
DRSDanger. Response. Send for help
DWWDiabetic White Women
E/OEvidence Of
ECSPPExpert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations
EX FIXExternal Fixation
FEV1Forced Expiratory Volume 1 Second
FOVField Of Vision
FSBSfinger stick blood glucose/sugar
GMPGrand Multi Para
GMRGallups, Murmurs, Rubs
GP 2b/3aGlycoprotein 2b/3a Inhibitor
HEWDepartment of Health, Education, and Welfare
HGNHorizontal Gaze Nystagmus
HHMDHealth Hazardous Materials Division
HMTSHouston Medical Testing Services
HOSAhealth occupations students of
ICOMPInternational Collaborative Occupational Medicine Program
ICUPIntensive Care Unit Practitioners
IMHInternal Moving Healing
IMHMIndiana Medical History Museum
ISHisolated systolic hypertension; in situ hybridization
JHAHJohns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare
L&DLabor and Delivery
LIMALeft Internal Mammary Artery
LMHPLicensed Mental Health Professional
LPTlicensed physical therapist
MAPBMedical Arts and Photography Branch
MCEMedical Coaching Experience
MEDICMy Education Doesn’t Include Caring
MIRAMedical Interactive Recovery Assistant
MPHmiles per hour; Master of Public Health
MPTSMedical Practitioners Tribunal Service
NAFLDnon-alcoholic fatty liver disease
NTDsNeural tube defects
OHEAPOrientation, History, Exam, Assessment and Plan (medical records system)
OMLOsticular Marching Lads
OOBOut Of Bed
PBApseudobulbar affect
PCRApatient controlled regional analgesia
PDFportable document format
PRBCsPacked Red Blood Cells
RATrapid assessment and treatment
SASOPSouth African Society of Psychiatrists
SEMIsubendocardial myocardial infarction
SFeSerum Iron
SGAsmall for gestational age
SLNBSentinel lymph node biopsy
SOPDSurgical Out Patient Department
SSDsomatic symptom disorder
TNSSTotal Nasal Symptom Score
TOPtermination of pregnancy
TURBTTransurethral Resection Bladder Tumor
UCCRUrine Cortisol Creatinine Ratio
ULNUpper limits of normal
VHIVision Health Initiative
VP Shuntventricular peritoneal shunt
VZVvaricella zoster virus
WALRIWheeze Associated Lower Respiratory Infection
WBCWhite Blood Cells
YAAYork Adult Assessment
c.n.tomorrow night (cras nocte)
omn. noct.every night
suprsuperior, supervision
varvariation, variety

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