What is the meaning of MCE medical abbreviation?

What does the MCE medical term mean?

The MCE abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what is the medical abbreviation MCE?

MCE medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation MCE stands for Medical Coaching Experience.

MCE: Medical Coaching Experience

Related Medical Abbreviations

ASTMHAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine Hygiene
BSSbalanced salt solution
BUSBartholin’s, Urethral, and Skene’s glands
BrBromine (element)
CACTcarnitine acylcarnitine translocase (deficiency)
COMPcartilage oligomeric matrix protein
CPAcerebellopontine angle; costophrenic angle
CSIIcontinuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
D&CDilatation and Currettage
DB&Cdeep breathing and coughing
DLVdelavirdine (antiviral drug)
EOAesophageal obturator airway
EOCEmergency Operations Center
ERCPEndoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreotography
ERSeducation resource specialist; extended rotated side bent
FDPflexor digitorum profundus; fibrin degradation products
GBMGlioblastoma Multiforme
HDCVhuman diploid cell rabies vaccine
HSAhealth services administration; human serum albumin
HTLVhuman T-cell lymphotropic virus
IAIInfection and Immunity
IGIVimmune globulin intravenous
IVDAintravenous drug abuse
L/S ratiolecithin to sphingomyelin ratio
LDRPlabor, delivery, recovery, postpartum room
LGMleft upper outer gluteus maximus
LIQlower inner quadrant
MCATMedical College Admissions Test
MCDmultiple carboxylase deficiency
MDUMedical Defence Union
MEAmultiple endocrine adenomatosis
MICmethyl isocyanate; minimum inhibitory concentration
MLHSMedical Lake High School
MRDPMedical Retention Determination Point
MSDSmaterial safety data sheet
MSGmonosodium glutamate
NICENational Institute for Health and Care Excellence
NLNnational league for nursing
NP-CPAPnasopharyngeal continuous positive airway pressure
O&Eobservation and examination
OOTout of town
P-Aposteroanterior; posterior-anterior; placenta abruption
PDISpatient discharge instruction sheet
PIFprolactin release-inhibiting factor; peak inspiratory flow
PM&Rphysical medicine and rehabilitation
RAArenin-angiotensin-aldosterone (system)
RAMrapid alternating movements
RAPDrelative afferent pupillary defect
RBErelative biological effectiveness
RSDReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
RVADRight Ventricular Assist Device
RVCresponds to verbal commands
RuRuthenium (element)
SCDsequential compression device; sudden cardiac death
SOAPsubjective, objective, assessment, plan
STMshort-term memory
TEtherapeutic equivalence; toxoplasmic encephalitis
TIStumor in situ
TRUSTransrectal Ultrasound
TTStemporary threshold shift
TVTtension-free vaginal tape
Tetetanus; Tellurium (element)
UCXUrine Culture
UDunit dose; ulnar deviation
ULNUpper limits of normal
UQupper quadrant
WCTwide complex tachycardia
WNWDwell-nourished, well-developed
XeXenon (element)
bidtwice a day (bis in die)
cathcathartic; catheter(ization)
derivderive, derivative
dieb. alt.every other day
empas directed (modo praescripto)
guttat.drop by drop
monomonocyte; mononucleosis
osteoosteo myelitis
ptspatient, patients
trtrace; tincture

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