When is it Too Late to Apply to Medical School?

In the past few years, you might have been preparing to attend medical schools. You might also have accumulated extracurricular activities well, get a good MCAT score. However, with the advent of COVID-19, your plan to apply for medical school may have been completely ignored. When is it too late to apply to medical school?

Because of COVID-19, not only do you have to adapt to a completely different learning environment, but the MCAT course has also been canceled. You can no longer continue your voluntary practice activities in the same way.

When most people have already started to submit AMCAS applications, you might think, When is it too late to apply to medical school?

You may have heard it thousands of times: the earlier you submit your AMCAS application, the better your chances of success in the medical school application process.

In order to guide everyone to better understand the timeline. We collected some information in the following content, which answers when is it too late to apply for medical school?

Medical School Timeline and Deadlines

Generally, all parts of AMCAS applications are open for submission in May. The earliest date to submit an AMCAS application this year is May 28, 2020. Now, you may be wondering when is it too late to apply for medical school?

Different medical projects have clear deadlines. However, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the peak period from June to September, it will take approximately 6 weeks for AMCAS to process your application. Decide in advance that the absolute deadline for the project for all medical schools is August 1. The regular deadline for preliminary review applications varies from October to December.

We usually recommend that students submit their applications as early as possible. Because the school reads the application on a rolling basis, the sooner the application is submitted, the more places and vacancies will be available, and the greater the chance of being admitted.

Normally, students who submit in advance will have their applications processed in advance. This ensures that they will receive the second copy soon after submission and can start the work immediately. Ideally, you want to have a two-week turnaround time after receiving the second-instance notice.

Generally speaking, the first batch of second review materials will be released in July, but if you wait to submit AMCAS, you will receive it later.

Then there will be a very small number of students for an interview. As the interview quota begins to fill up, the quota for each project will increase accordingly. Therefore, the later you submit, the less likely you are to receive an interview invitation.

When is it too late to apply to medical school?

When is it Too Late to Apply to Medical School?

When to apply to medical school? How late is too late to apply to medical school?

The US Medical School Application Service opened data entry in May and began to send applications to schools in early June. Although most medical schools have deadlines in October, some medical schools have deadlines as late as December.

Because AMCAS must verify your application before sending it, the waiting time in May is the shortest, only a few days. By the end of July, it may be delayed for several weeks.

In short, there is no time to submit an application to the medical school in September. August is the marginal period. It is reasonable and safe to submit in mid-July or before, and June is the most ideal.

Of course, there are exceptions, so be sure to communicate with your academic advisor to determine whether one aspect of your application is enough to make you stand out. And to ensure that you can still get an interview opportunity in the autumn when the competition is much more intense.

Otherwise, you should seriously consider whether you should apply in the next cycle.

If you submit your application too late, is there any way to save it?

If you submit an application late in the open cycle, you must have application elements that clearly demonstrate your ability to flourish in medical school. Your GPA, MCAT score, and recommendation letter should be very competitive.

In fact, it is sometimes wise to postpone your MCAT test date to improve your scores, because the June date will be included in the current cycle.

Take additional courses to improve your grades, these grades should be available to the school before July. Extracurricular activities that may benefit you include clinically focused volunteer work or research leading to national publications. Institutional recognition, such as university awards, can also add weight to your application.

If you have a powerful application, you can even consider applying to a less competitive medical school, because your chances are greater. If you are late in your application, but still get an interview opportunity, please make full preparations in advance, which can help you maximize the chance of an interview.

Whether waiting for the next cycle?

If it’s too late to apply to medical school, you can prepare for the next cycle to apply to the medical school you want to attend.

At the same time, there a few benefits of waiting for the next cycle as following。

Although it will be disappointing to not be able to go to the medical school that I hope is scheduled, it is crucial to recognize reality.

Because the cost of applying for medical school is very high, and it does not include travel and accommodation costs for the interview. If you are not sufficiently prepared, submit your application in a hurry. It is not the wisest choice to waste thousands of dollars. Wait until the next application cycle, you are willing to be able to get a better MCAT score, to prepare for the job is enough to apply for the medical school you want to enter.

Most American medical schools attach great importance to the maturity of applicants. Therefore, the reasonable use of the gap year can greatly increase your chances of admission.

It is not recommended to apply for medical school late, but some students are lucky to receive the admission letter from the medical school.

Therefore, the most important thing is, before submitting the application, please consider the requirements of the medical school you are applying for and your material strength. Then choose the most suitable period for you to apply for medical school.

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