Guide to Get into Georgetown Medical School: Ranking | MCAT | Acceptance Rate

If you are want to attend Georgetown Medical School, then you got the right place. Or if you plan to apply to medical school in the future, then Georgetown University School of Medicine may be on your medical schools’ list.

No need to search for “Reddit medical school or Reddit applying to college l”. Here, we will share the ultimate guide to enter Into Georgetown Medical School.

In this article, MCAThub collected the recent year’s acceptance rate and admissions requirements of Georgetown University Medical School.

First, let’s know more about the Georgetown University medical school.

Georgetown Medical School

Georgetown University School of Medicine was founded in 1851 and is part of the oldest Catholic and Jesuit-funded university in the United States.

The Georgetown University School of Medicine is committed to training doctors in all aspects of providing humane patient care and cooperates with the 407-bed Georgetown University Hospital in the Washington Metropolitan Area and 9 affiliated federal and community hospitals.

Quick Review

Highest Degree

Doctor’s degree



Faculty-Student Ratio


AMCAS Application


Application Deadline

Nov. 3



  • Medical School Location: Washington, DC
  • Medical School Address: Georgetown University, Medical Dental Building 3900 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20057
  • Phone: (202) 687-0100
  • Email:

The student-faculty ratio at Georgetown University is 1.7:1. And the medical school has 1,377 full-time faculty members.

Georgetown medical school ranking

According to the 2021 Best Medical Schools: Research published by USnews, Georgetown medical school ranking at #55, which is a rather highly medical school ranking.

Ranking (Primary Care)


Ranking (Research)


Ranking (University)


How many MCAT scores needed to get into the Georgetown Medical School?

Admission into Georgetown University School of Medicine is very competitive. The stats of Georgetown University medical school in the past year are as the following.

Statistic data of Georgetown Medical School

Resident Tuition


Non-Resident Tuition


Application Fee






Acceptance Rate


As we can see, the average MCAT score needed to get into Georgetown Medical School is 511, which is in the range of the 75th Percentile. The MCAT scores from the three years prior to the year of matriculation will be considered. For example, for applicants who matriculated in 2020, only MCAT scores from 2017, 2018, and 2019 are valid.

What GPA do you need to get into Georgetown?

The average GPA score is 3.6, which is higher than the GPA requirement of Howard University College of Medicine.

The application fee at the Medicine School of Georgetown University is $130. Its resident tuition and the non-resident tuition both are $61,721, which means the Georgetown medical school tuition is the same for all students.

What is the LizzyM score?

The LizzyM Score is one measure that your compatibility with a medical school. Here, the LizzM score is 67.0, which means it is very compatible.

In 2019, Georgetown University School of Medicine received 13,149 applications and received 1,030 applicants to take interviews. Finally, the number of accepted students is 203, which means the Georgetown acceptance rate is only 2.9%. Compared to the acceptance rate of the Icahn school of medicine, it’s a bit higher.

The above data shows it’s highly competitive to get into Georgetown Medical School.

Curriculum of Georgetown University School of Medicine

The four-year curriculum of Georgetown University School of Medicine combines department-based basic science courses and laboratory work, multidisciplinary courses and conferences, designated clinical operations, and elective courses to provide students with a comprehensive and comprehensive curriculum.

Georgetown University School of Medicine also offers a course based on the personality curve-in addition to physical health, it takes care of the mental and spiritual health of patients.

The purpose of these courses is to prepare our students not only for the clinical and biomedical aspects of patient care, but also for the social, ethical, and community challenges of providing that care effectively.

The medical curriculum for the first two years focused on the development of basic medical knowledge about the normal and structural and functional changes of the human body. The medical school’s use of small class teaching and question-based lectures has replaced part of large class teaching.

Receive patient evaluation and care, as well as community service and advocacy opportunities from the first year, and continue throughout the four years of the university.

In the third year of study, the clinical clerkships emphasize the medical skills required to obtain and interpret patient-based data, and in the fourth year, further develop patient management skills, including rotation in a rotating clinic environment.

There are 24 weeks of elective courses in the final year of medical school, of which 4 weeks can be used for vacation.

Since the medical school is located in Washington, DC, it has more enviable research opportunities. Therefore, Georgetown medical school also has the lowest admission rate for medical schools in the country, and even the best applicants face challenges.

The Pre-Requisite Courses of the Medical School

The academic requirements for admission include adequate preparation in physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The following courses in the table are required.

Courses Name Course Hours
General Biology 1 year with lab
General Chemistry 1 year with lab
Physics 1 year with lab
Organic Chemistry 1 year with lab
Mathematics (college-level) 1 semester

Note that for Mathematics, Calculus is not required and Statistics is acceptable. And all the General Biology, General Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry need 8 semester hours.

The Georgetown Med School Application Timeline

Now, let’s take a look at the med application timeline of Georgetown University School of Medicine.

To apply for GUSOM, you first need to submit an application to AMCAS. In 2019, the application deadline for Georgetown University School of Medicine is November 4. For the 2020-2021 semester, you can expect a one-off date difference, but we always recommend that you get a preliminary review before early summer.

In the next step, you will submit a secondary application. Georgetown University does not pre-screen AMCAS applications. This means that everyone who submits an application to Georgetown University School of Medicine will receive a secondary application. It is important to respond quickly again to prove your interest and take full advantage of the rolling nature of enrollment.

Once you submit an AMCAS application before July 1, you might receive your second application invitation within the first 5-7 working days of July. After July 1, you submit the application to AMCAS, then the invitation should arrive 5-7 days from the day your application is verified.

If you enter the next stage of your application cycle, you will be invited to Georgetown for an interview in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Note that your complete application to Georgetown University School of Medicine should include:

  • AMCAS application
  • Academic transcripts, submitted to AMCAS
  • Secondary application along with a $130 application fee
  • MCAT scores
  • Recommendation Letters received by AMCAS (Georgetown medical school letters of recommendation)

Then need a $500 deposit.

Note: the M.D. Deadlines and M.D./Ph.D. Deadlines are different.

The end

According to the position of Georgetown medical school rank, Georgetown University School of Medicine is a very prestigious and highly selective med school. It has a well-defined mission of caring for the whole patient.

If you hope to be one of the lucky few to attend Georgetown medical school, be sure to work on getting the highest grades and MCAT scores first. Then, write an outstanding essay that will demonstrate why you are a perfect fit for Georgetown’s medical school.

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