How to get into the Icahn school of medicine?

If you are planning to get into a medical school focused on promoting medical innovation, then the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai should be one of your top schools for choice.

In this article, you can learn more about the Icahn School of Medicine, it’s ranking, and admission requirements… which will help you get into the Icahn School of Medicine.

Icahn School of Medicine Overview

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is a private graduate medical school, which located on the culturally rich Manhattan Island in New York City.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Hospital was established in 1968 as the medical school of the Mount Sinai Health System. The system has 8 campuses and was ranked 14th in the best hospital by U.S. News.

This medical school with research, service, and global health as its core values, which attract forward-thinking students from all over the world who want to improve the situation of local and global healthcare.

The Icahn School of Medicine has always offered one of the best medical programs and has a high reputation in medical research, training, and patient care.

The rank of Icahn school of medicine

According to the search of USNews, the Icahn school of medicine ranking at 20th in research and 58th in primary care.

#58 in the Best Medical Schools: Primary Care

#20 in the Best Medical Schools: Research

Admissions requirements

As we know the high rank of the Icahn Medical school, the Admissions requirements should be very strict.

Let’s dive into the Admissions requirements of Icahn medicine school. The following is the past year’s stats data.

Stats data of Icahn school of medicine

Resident Tuition


Non-Resident Tuition


Application Fee






Acceptance Rate


How many MCAT scores needed to get into Icahn medicine school?

From the above Medical school stat data, we can know that the average MCAT score needed to get into the Icahn school of medicine is 517, which is in the range of 95th Percentile and higher than the average MCAT score needed to get into the Georgetown Medical School.

Note that the MCAT scores from the three years prior to the year of matriculation will be valid. If you matriculated in 2020, only MCAT scores from 2017, 2018, and 2019 are valid.

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What GPA do you need to get into Icahn medicine school?

The GPA of applicants accepted by the Icahn medicine school is also very high. The average GPA is 3.7.

Although Icahn Medical School has very high requirements for GPA and MCAT scores, it is almost the same as other top medical schools. However, Icahn School of Medicine also values the unique qualities and experience of applicants.

Icahn School of Medicine encourages applicants to develop second language skills or improve their proficiency. In fact, 79% of preparatory students have native or advanced language skills other than English. This is inseparable from Icahn’s emphasis on global health.

Moreover, for students who complete clinical work in a diverse city like New York, knowing multiple languages is also a very big advantage.

How hard is it to get into the Icahn School of Medicine?

Recent data show that more than 6,500 MD and MD / Ph.D. students applied to the Icahn School of Medicine for admission to the class of 2023.

However, only about 950 applicants were invited for interviews, of which about 350 were admitted. Ultimately, only 140 students were enrolled.

How much does Icahn school of medicine tuition cost?

The Icahn school of medicine tuition for Resident and Non-Resident both are $55,316. The faculty-student ratio of the Icahn School of Medicine is 2.9:1, the medical school has 1,650 full-time faculty on staff. The Icahn school has always provided students with need-based institutional scholarships and loans.

Programs of Icahn Medical School

There are several ways in which students can earn an MD degree from the Icahn Medicine School:

  • Four years Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine/PhD
  • MD / MPH
  • MD / MSCR PORTAL program

Here, one thing you should know is that the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers an innovative approach to medical school admissions through the FlexMed program for freshmen or sophomores.

That means if you are a freshman or sophomore and be accepted by this pathway, then you don’t need to complete traditional medical school science prerequisites or even take the MCAT test.

The end

Now you also know better than Icahn Medical School is a leader in education, research, and patient care innovation. If you want to have the opportunity to enter a very good medical school to practice, then, there is no doubt that Icahn Medical School is your best choice.

However, this also means that you are competing with thousands of other excellent applicants for admissions opportunities, many of whom have extraordinary statistics and impressive extracurricular activities.

Therefore, the best way to improve your chances of admission is to write a few powerful articles, which will help you successfully enter the Icahn Medical School.


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