How is Eastern Virginia Medical School Ranking?

Where is eastern Virginia medical school (EVMS) located? How is the Eastern Virginia Medical School Ranking?

What is the eastern Virginia medical school acceptance rate?

How much is eastern Virginia medical school tuition…

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Eastern Virginia Medical School

How is Eastern Virginia Medical School Ranking?

EVMS is a public medical school located in Norfolk, Virginia. It isn’t affiliated with an undergraduate institution.

The EVMS medical school is committed to the research of medicine, biomedicine, and health education. And strives to improve the health care conditions in the Hampton Road area.

EVMS includes the 555-bed Santa Tara Norfolk General Hospital, which is the only tertiary level 1 trauma medical care facility in the region. Also includes the 212-bed Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters.

It is worth noting that EVMS medical school is the first American medical institution to produce viable fetuses through in vitro fertilization.

The EVMS medical school is known for its reproductive medicine, and research in pediatrics, simulated/standardized patient education, geriatrics, diabetes, and cancer.

Mission of Eastern Virginia Medical School

The main goal of EVMS is to train compassionate and skilled doctors. To cultivate patient care staff who can apply scientific methods to solve medical problems and have solid medical knowledge and clinical skills.

Stats data of EVMS medical school

Resident Tuition


Non-Resident Tuition


Application Fee






Acceptance Rate


How much is the Doctor of Medicine tuition of EVMS?

According the data from EVMS, the eastern Virginia medical school tuition 2019-2020 is $32,456 (in-state) and $56,382 (Out-of-state).

2020-2021 MD1MD2MD3MD4
Budget length 9 mos.9 mos.12 mos.11 mos.
Fees*Mandatory $3,624$3,035$3,051$2,820
Health insurance$3,312$3,312$3,312$3,312

What MCAT score and GPA are required to get into EVMS?

In the last year, the minimum MCAT score to the one-year program is 503, to the two-year program is 496. And the mean MCAT score of these applicants who accepted by EVMS is 511.

EVMS medical school accepts MCAT scores got in the past four years. For example, now it accepts the MCAT score got in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Note that EVMS medical school don’t accept the GRE score instead of the MCAT score.

The mean GPA required is 3.50.

What are the Prerequisite courses?

The prospective applicants must complete a minimum of 100 semester hours enrolled in the following courses: 

  • Organic chemistry (with labs, one year)
  • Physics (with labs, one year)
  • General chemistry (with labs, one year)
  • Biology (with labs, one year)

Note: The Biochemistry is strongly recommended.

How is Eastern Virginia Medical School Ranking?

According to the Best Medical Schools ranking data from USnews, EVMS is ranked #94-122 in Best Medical Schools: Research and #49 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. 

The eastern Virginia medical school acceptance rate

Although Eastern Virginia Medical School Ranking at #94-122 in Best Medical Schools: Research, it’s still a very competitive medical school.

In recent years stats data, EVMS medical school has been receiving more than 5,500 applications, but only accepting about 300 candidates every year and filling about 150 spots. Which means the eastern Virginia medical school acceptance rate is about 2.7%, it’s a quite low acceptance rate.

EVMS Programs

The EVMS Programs include:

  • Doctor of Medicine Program
  • Dual MD/MBA Program
  • Dual MD/MPH Program

Application deadline of EVMS

Generally, the Application deadline of EVMS is Nov. 15.

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The curriculum of EVMS aims to cultivate compassionate and skilled doctors and scientists. The focus is to prepare doctors for resident training in primary care disciplines.

The college focuses on cultivating excellent patient care medical knowledge and medical skills, as well as the ability to apply scientific methods to solve medical problems.

The end

Eastern Virginia Medical School is a highly competitive medical school with a clear mission. This is why it is important for applicants to learn more about the admission requirements of the medical school in order to enter EVMS in the future.

Take more time to customize your application and learn about this exciting medical school to maximize your chances of being admitted to EVMS.