What does ZVHC medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the medical term ZVHC stand for?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation ZVHC. However, what is the medical abbreviation ZVHC?

What is the meaning of ZVHC medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, it is Zumbro Valley Health Center the medical abbreviation ZVHC stands for.

ZVHC: Zumbro Valley Health Center

Related Medical Abbreviations

ABPNAmerican Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
AWLAAIDS Walk Los Angeles
BL CXBlood Culture
BMHCBhutan Medical and Health Council
BSTbreast stimulation test; blood serological test
C DIFClostridium Difficile
C/BComplicated By
CEHcontinuing education hour
CKBCorporation des Karabins de Bicêtre (French medical student association)
COPconditions of participation (Medicare)
CRBclinical reference board; change review board
CRS-RConners Rating Scales-Revised
CSIHCyber Security in Healthcare
CWHMCenter for World Health and Medicine
CaCancer; carcinoma. For example, a patient who undergoing treatment for cancer should assure that they are eating and drinking enough fluids daily, both during and after treatment.
CsCesium (element)
DCAP-BTLSdeformity, contusions, abrasions, punctures/penetrations, burns, tenderness, lacerations, swelling
DNARdo not attempt resuscitation
DWIdriving while intoxicated
ECRLextensor carpi radialis longus
ESRErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
F-V loopflow volume loop
FHLflexor hallucis longus
FRIMFemale Residents in Internal Medicine
H2Histamine 2
HATIPHIV & AIDS Treatment In Practice
HITHeparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
HPSHantavirus pulmonary syndrome. A type of contagious, infectious disease transmitted by rats infected with the virus.
IGIVimmune globulin intravenous
IMHInternal Moving Healing
ISDNisosorbide dinitrate
IVFIntravenous Fluids; also In Vitro Fertilization
InFeDiron dextran
KAFOknee ankle foot orthosis
KBketone bodies; knee brace
KEDKendrick Extrication Device
LASIKlaser assisted in situ keratomileusis
LETZloop electrosurgical excision procedure
MBSMedical Benefits Schedule
MDSMyelo dysplastic syndrome
ME ratiomyeloid/erythroid ratio
MEDTMedical Eligibility Determination Team
MIRAMedical Interactive Recovery Assistant
MSImagnetic source imaging; microsatellite instability
NAFLDnon-alcoholic fatty liver disease
NGFnerve growth factor
NGUNon-Gonococcal Urethritis
NPONothing By Mouth
NQMInon-Q wave myocardial infarction
O&Eobservation and examination
ODTorally disintegrating tablet
OMHoffice for migrant health
ORRobjective response rate
PCAfter Meals
PESTProduction Economics Strategies Technology
PLCVprocedures of limited clinical value
PPAphenyl pyruvic acid
PPNPeripheral Parenteral Nutrition
PTAPrior To Admission; Peritonsilar Abscess
RASrenal artery stenosis; renin-angiotensin system; reticular activating system
RRAregistered record administrator
RSNARadiological Society of North America
SFeSerum Iron
SIRESstabilize, identify toxin, reverse effect, eliminate toxin, support
SSSjogren’s syndrome
SSASocial Security Administration
SVGSaphenous Vein Graft
TMDtemporomandibular disorder
TRADCTRace Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
UPDRSUnified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale
USACHPPMUnited States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
VINvulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
XCexact carbon
bGHbovine growth hormone
mIUmilli-international unit
refrefuse(d); referral/refer
s/pStatus post. For example, a person who had a knee operation would be s/p a knee operation.
v/vvolume per volume

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