What is the meaning of XL medical abbreviation?

What does the medical abbreviation XL mean?

The abbreviation XL may have a few different meanings. However, what is the meaning of the medical term XL?

What does XL medical abbreviation mean?

In science & medicine, the medical term XL means extra large; extended-release.

XL: extra large; extended-release

Related Medical Abbreviations

A/V NickingArteriolar/Venous Nicking
BPPbiophysical profile
BTEbehind the ear (heading aids)
CKDchronic kidney disease
CLLChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
CPBcompetitive protein binding
CRPScomplex regional pain syndrome
DBTdialectal behavioral therapy
DNC, D&C, or D and CDilation and curettage. Widening the cervix and scrapping with a curette for the purpose of removing tissue lining the inner surface of the womb (uterus).
DOCdeoxycorticosterone; drug of choice
DRESSdrug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms
ECTElectro-Convulsive Therapy
EDBethylene dibromide; extensor digitorum brevis
EEDerythema elevatum diutinum
EHTestrogen hormone therapy
FESfunctional electrical stimulation
FHRfetal heart rate
GPLIgG phospholipid unit
HbFHemoglobin F
IgEimmunoglobulin E
LAHBleft anterior hemiblock
MCDmultiple carboxylase deficiency
MCMmedical countermeasure
MDAmedical device alert
MSImagnetic source imaging; microsatellite instability
NInot indicated
NSAIDnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
PASpara amino-salicylic acid; para-aminosalicylic acid; periodic acid-schiff (stain)
PCO2carbon dioxide pressure
PIAprolonged infantile apnea
PIFprolactin release-inhibiting factor; peak inspiratory flow
PNIperipheral nerve injury
PSFposterior spinal fusion
PVRIPulmonary Vascular Resistance Index
QHSEvery Night
SCIspinal cord injury
SNSsupplemental nursing system; sympathetic nervous system
TPURtransperineal urethral resection
TRBFtotal renal blood flow
VZIGvaricella zoster immune globulin
kU/Lkilounit per liter (allergy testing)
ngnasogastric; nanogram (billionth of a gram)
non repdo not repeat
umbumbilicus, umbilical

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