What does umb medical abbreviation mean?

What does the medical term umb stand for?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of umb. However, what is the medical term umb?

What is the umb medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the medical abbreviation umb means umbilicus, umbilical.

umb: umbilicus, umbilical

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MAPmean arterial pressure
CHLconductive hearing loss
ftfoot, feet (0.3048 meter)
PPWpre-pregnancy weight
RPradial pulse; Raynaud’s phenomenon; retrograde pyelography; retinitis pigmentosa
OPQRSTonset, provocation, quality, radiation, severity, time
PTKphototherapeutic keratectomy
LFTLiver Function Test
KPIkey performance indicator
RNSTreactive non stress test
MCDmultiple carboxylase deficiency
C&SCulture and sensitivity, performed to detect infection.
SWIsurgical wound infection
OLTOrthotopic Liver Transplant
CD-ROMcompact disc read-only memory
DSM-IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition
PAWPpulmonary artery wedge pressure
IIintellectual impairment
FCBfibrocystic breast
MLDmedian lethal dose; metachromatic leukodystrophy; minimum lethal dose
GHBgamma hydroxybutyrate
HGVhepatitis g virus
COTNicotine/Cotinine (COT test)

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