What does FCB medical abbreviation mean?

What does the abbreviation FCB stand for in medical terms?

The FCB abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what does FCB mean in medical terms?

What is the meaning of FCB medical abbreviation?

In the medicine field, the medical abbreviation FCB means fibrocystic breast.

FCB: fibrocystic breast

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IFRinfection fatality ratio; instrument flight rules
CFRCertified First Responder; child fatality review; Code of Federal Regulations; case fatality ratio
BIDTwice a Day
ETSenvironmental tobacco smoke (exposure)
N/V/Dnausea, vomiting, diarrhea
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
OCoral contraceptive; osteocalcin; obstetrical conjugate; oleoresin capsicum; oral cavity
PCCPoison Control Center
N&Vnausea and vomiting
SPAsperm penetration assay; single point of access
P&Rpulse and respiration
RATxradiation therapy
O&Gobstetrics and gynecology
WOBwork of breathing
HCVDhypertensive cardiovascular disease
kU/Lkilounit per liter (allergy testing)
ITIntrathecal; Information Technology
FCUflexor carpi ulnaris
TGFtransforming growth factor
VEGFvascular endothelial growth factor
DOTDirectly Observed Therapy
psiper square inch (pounds)
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
MRMitral Regurgitation

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