RCMM medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What does the medical abbreviation RCMM mean?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of RCMM. However, what is the medical term RCMM?

What is the RCMM medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation RCMM stands for Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine.

RCMM: Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine

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AAPMAustralian Association of Practice Managers
AMBSRAdvances in Medical and Biological Science Research
AMDAging Macular Degeneration
ARCPSAcute Regional Chronic Pain Syndrome
ASTHMAAssociated Scientists to Help Minimize Allergies
BACCBiomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center
BAEPbrainstem auditory evoked potentials
BPBlood Pressure
CASTcardiac arrhythmia suppression trial
CAUchild and adolescent unit; clinical assessment unit
CCFMCommunity Care Family Medicine
CCMSclean catch midstream (specimen)
CCSSChildhood Cancer Survivor Study
CCUcritical care unit; coronary/cardiac care unit
CKBCorporation des Karabins de Bicêtre (French medical student association)
CMA-CCertified Medical Assistant – Clinical (Advanced Practice)
CMRChief Medical Resident
CVIchronic venous insufficiency
CalCalorie (kilocalorie)
DJDDegenerative Joint Disease
EBNAEpstein-Barr nuclear antigen
EOMextraocular muscles; extraocular movements
EPTExpedited partner therapy
EUSendoscopic ultrasound
FACPFellow of the American College of Physicians
FCHPFallon Community Health Plan
FEMSFire Emergency Medical Services
FMFFamilial Mediterranean Fever
GETGeneral Endotracheal
HHMIHoward Hughes Medical Institute
HMG-CoAhydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme A
HTACHealth Translation Advisory Committee
IMITInstitute of Medical Imaging Technology
KIpotassium iodine
KUBKidneys Ureters and Bladder
MAOImonoamine oxidase inhibitor
MDSTMedical Devices Surgical Technology
MFmid forceps
MOABmonoclonal antibodies
MTMRMouse Tumor Models Resource
MgSO4magnesium sulfate
NHNursing Home
NMWCNominal Molecular Weight Cutoff
NPSNational Prescribing Service
NTDsNeural tube defects
NeNeon (element)
ORLOto-Rhino Laryngology
ORRobjective response rate
PCWPPulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure
PEApulseless electrical activity
PEFRpeak expiratory flow rate
PFOPatent Foramen Ovale
PLCVprocedures of limited clinical value
PMPCPersonalized Medicine Partnership for Cancer
POPsprogestin-only contraceptive pills
PRApanel-reactive antibody; plasma renin activity
PRBperformance review board
PUVApsoralen ultraviolet a
PWBpartial weight bearing
QODEvery Other Day
RADRight Axis Deviation; also Reactive Airways Disease
RAIUradioactive iodine uptake
RHCRight Heart Cath
RIDradial immunodiffusion
RNEFRadionuclide Ejection Fraction
RVHright ventricular hypertrophy
RoRo antigen
S3third heart sound
TBPthrombophlebitis; therapeutic biologic product
TNStranscutaneous nerve stimulation
UA or u/aUrinalysis. A UA is a typical part of a comprehensive physical examination.
UVSMUniversity of Virginia School of Medicine
ZVHCZumbro Valley Health Center
deldelivery, delivered
disdisabled; discontinue; disease; discussed
specspecimen; specification

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