What is the Pap test medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation Pap test mean in medical terms?

The Pap test abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what is the medical term Pap test?

What is the Pap test medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation Pap test means Papanicolaou test (smear).

Pap test: Papanicolaou test (smear)

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BCGBacille Calmette-Guerin
BS&Obilateral salpingectomy and oophorectomy
C&Pcrowning and pushing
CCChief Complaint
CD-ROMcompact disc read-only memory
COTNicotine/Cotinine (COT test)
CPHSSCincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
CTCcomputed tomographic colonography; circulating tumor cell; common toxicity criteria; chlortetracycline
CTPcolor, temperature, pulse
DVdouble vision; domestic violence; daily value (nutrition)
E&Mevaluation and management
EMA-IgAimmunoglobulin a antiendomysial
EUAemergency use authorization; examination under anesthesia; examination under anesthetic
FCBfibrocystic breast
FPLflexor pollicis longus
GOMERSlang for “get out of my emergency room.”
GTHgonadotropic hormone
HCAhealth care assistant
HCOhealth care organization
HSAhealth services administration; human serum albumin
IPSPinhibitory postsynaptic potential
LBBBLeft Bundle Branch Block
LHRHLeutinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone
LNDLymph Node Dissection
LTLlaparoscopic tubal ligation
LWSlow wall suction
MTmedical technologist
NOInature of illness
ODDoppositional defiant disorder
OORout of room
PBpudendal block or peripheral blood
PBApseudobulbar affect
PBSCperipheral blood stem cell
PCO2carbon dioxide pressure
PHBpersonal health budget
PIFprolactin release-inhibiting factor; peak inspiratory flow
QNSQuantity Not Sufficient
RFtright foot
RIMARight Internal Mammary Artery
RUOresearch use only
SSNHLsudden sensorineural hearing loss
T&SType and Screen
TLCTriple Lumen Catheter; Total Lung Capacity
TUIPtransurethral incision of the prostate
VEvaccine efficacy; vaginal exam
iFRinstant wave-free ratio
mUmilliunit; micro unit
rRNAribosomal RNA
reccrecommend or recommended

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