What does FU medical abbreviation stand for?

What is the medical term FU?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation FU. However, what does the medical term FU stand for?

What does FU medical abbreviation mean?

In science & medicine, the meaning of the FU medical abbreviation is follow-up.

FU: follow-up

Related Medical Abbreviations

IFRinfection fatality ratio; instrument flight rules
CFRCertified First Responder; child fatality review; Code of Federal Regulations; case fatality ratio
HRHeart Rate
mandmandatory; mandible, mandibular
ETSenvironmental tobacco smoke (exposure)
DOIdigital object identifier; date of injury
PbLead (element)
GIFTgamete intrafallopian transfer
NIDDMNon-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
NVTneurovascular and tendon
A/V NickingArteriolar/Venous Nicking
NSCnational safety council
O&Gobstetrics and gynecology
WOBwork of breathing
PSDpatient specific direction
LTLlaparoscopic tubal ligation
FCUflexor carpi ulnaris
TTPTender To Palpation; Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
TIStumor in situ
GTNgestational trophoblastic neoplasia; glyceryl trinitrate
DISIDAdiisopropyl iminodiacetic acid (cholescintigraphy)
psiper square inch (pounds)
trachtracheotomy; trachea(l); tracheostomy

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