MANY medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What does the medical abbreviation MANY mean?

The MANY abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. Here is the meaning of MANY mean in medical terms.

What is the meaning of MANY medical abbreviation?

In medical field, However, the medical abbreviation MANY stands for Medical Activists of New York.

MANY: Medical Activists of New York

Related Medical Abbreviations

BPsblood pressure, systolic
BWbirth weight; body weight
BeBeryllium (element)
BtBacillus thuringiensis
CAMcomplementary and alternative medicine
CGAcontact guard assist; comprehensive geriatric assessment
COCardiac Output
CPAPContinuous Positive Airway Pressure
CRconditioned reflex; creatinine; complete remission; controlled release (medication); crown-rump length
CROclinical research organization
CRRconsult review request
CSBCCancer Systems Biology Consortium
CWUcanal wall up
DONdirector of nursing
DPHDepartment of Public Health; Doctor of Public Health
DTHdelayed-type hypersensitivity
DV/SAdomestic violence/sexual assault
E&Mevaluation and management
EHCemergency hormonal contraception
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
EX LAPExploratory Laparotomy
Ed.DDoctor of Education
FIQFunctional Index Questionnaire
FTAfluorescent treponema antigen (test for syphilis)
FTIfree testosterone index
G-CSFgranulocyte-colony stimulating factor
GCPgood clinical practice
HPFhigh-powered field
HPIHistory of Present Illness
ICMPischemic cardiomyopathy
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
ITTinsulin tolerance test; intent to treat
IUCDintrauterine contraceptive device
IVDAintravenous drug abuse
KPCKlebsiella Pneumonia Carbapenemase
LBPLow Back Pain
LNMPlast normal menstrual period
LOALysis Of Adhesions
LOMloss/limitation of motion
LOOPloop electrosurgical excision procedure
MEmedical examiner; muscle energy; myalgic encephalomyelitis
MELDmodel for end-stage liver disease
MFmid forceps
MI-CDmentally ill and chemically dependent
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
N/V/Dnausea, vomiting, diarrhea
NHPnursing home placement
NSAno significant abnormality
ODRight Eye
PRBCsPacked Red Blood Cells
PUOpyrexia of unknown origin
PuPlutonium (element)
RDArecommended daily/dietary allowance
RLRinger’s Lactate; right leg; right lateral
RNAribonucleic acid
ROreverse osmosis; rule out
ROMRange Of Motion
RPradial pulse; Raynaud’s phenomenon; retrograde pyelography; retinitis pigmentosa
RPEratings of perceived exertion; retinal pigment epithelium
RVCTreport of verified case tuberculosis
S2second heart sound
S4fourth heart sound
SANEsexual assault nurse examiner
SCATsheep cell agglutination test
SEMIsubendocardial myocardial infarction
SGUstandard IgG beta-2 glycoprotein unit
SOMserous otitis media
SVCSuperior Vena Cava
T&Htype and hold
TBDto be determined
TKRTotal Knee Replacement
TRH(thyroid or thyrotropin)-releasing hormone
Tdaptetanus diphtheria pertussis vaccine
URTIupper respiratory tract infection
VBGVenous Blood Gas
VCVital Capacity; Vocal Cord
in vitroIn the laboratory
specspecimen; specification
st.let it/them stand

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