What does CO medical abbreviation mean?

What is the meaning of the CO medical abbreviation?

There may be more than one meaning of CO. However, what does the medical abbreviation CO stand for?

What does CO medical abbreviation stand for?

In medicine, the medical term CO stands for Cardiac Output.

CO: Cardiac Output

Related Medical Abbreviations

ASDAtrial Septal Defect
BCPSBoard Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
BIOTbiotinidase deficiency
BRATbananas, rice, applesauce, toast (diet)
BTFSbreast tumor frozen section
CEUcontinuing education unit
COTNicotine/Cotinine (COT test)
CRIFclosed reduction-internal fixation
CSUcatheter specimen of urine
DBTdialectal behavioral therapy
DOPTdirectly observed preventative therapy
DOUDirect Observation Unit
EGFepidermal growth factor
EOLCend of life care
G6PDglucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
ICNinternational council of nurses
IIintellectual impairment
IPSPinhibitory postsynaptic potential
LPDluteal phase defect
LUELeft Upper Extremity
LVEFleft ventricular ejection fraction
MCImild cognitive impairment; mass casualty incident
NSICUneurosciences intensive care unit
OORout of room
OSAObstructive Sleep Apnea
PAWPpulmonary artery wedge pressure
PBFpartially breastfed
PCO2carbon dioxide pressure
PE tubespolyethylene tubes
PHNpublic health nurse
PUpassed urine, peptic ulcer; peptic ulcer
R/Lright to left
RAPDrelative afferent pupillary defect
SACshort arm cast
SCLSoft Contact Lens
SPECTsingle-photon emission computed tomography
SVDspontaneous vaginal delivery
SVEsterile vaginal examination
TC&DBturn, cough, and deep breath
VDvenereal disease
VINvulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
dirdirect; director; direction
o.d.once daily (omni die)

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