What is the ASU medical abbreviation?

What does the abbreviation ASU mean in medical terms?

In some cases, there may be multiplied meanings of the ASU abbreviation. However, what is ASU in medical terms?

What is the ASU medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation ASU stands for Ambulatory Surgery Unit.

ASU: Ambulatory Surgery Unit

Related Medical Abbreviations

ABGArterial Blood Gas
AIAortic Insufficiency
BTEbehind the ear (heading aids)
CEUcontinuing education unit
CHLconductive hearing loss
CaCancer; carcinoma. For example, a patient who undergoing treatment for cancer should assure that they are eating and drinking enough fluids daily, both during and after treatment.
DNC, D&C, or D and CDilation and curettage. Widening the cervix and scrapping with a curette for the purpose of removing tissue lining the inner surface of the womb (uterus).
DONdirector of nursing
ECLSextracorporeal life support
Ed.DDoctor of Education
FENAFractional Excretion of Sodium
GMCgeneral medical council
HBShepatobiliary scintigraphy
Hghemoglobin; Mercury (element)
I&OIns and Outs
ICUIntensive care unit. The patient was moved to the intensive care unit.
IDUidouridizine; idoxuridine; injection drug user
IVPBintravenous piggyback
LAHBleft anterior hemiblock
LRSBlower right sternal border
MLPAmultiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
MPHmiles per hour; Master of Public Health
N&Vnausea and vomiting
NCATNormocephalic Atraumatic
OOBOut Of Bed
PASGpneumatic anti-shock garments
PINprostatic intraepithelial neoplasia
PLSSportable life-support system
PPWpre-pregnancy weight
RATxradiation therapy
SAARDslow-acting antirheumatic drug(s)
SCADschizoaffective disorder; short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
SCIspinal cord injury
SOPstandard operating procedure
SSASocial Security Administration
SSNHLsudden sensorineural hearing loss
TCDtranscranial doppler
TMNTumor Metastases Nodes (universal tumor staging system)
UTVultrasound transmission velocity
VP Shuntventricular peritoneal shunt
p.r.n.As needed. So that it is not always done, but done only when the situation calls for it (or example, taking a pain medication only when having pain and not without pain).

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