What does AAMSI mean in medical abbreviation?

What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation AAMSI?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of AAMSI. However, what is the medical abbreviation AAMSI?

What is the AAMSI medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation AAMSI stands for American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics.

AAMSI: American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics

Related Medical Abbreviations

ANMMAmerican National Medical Management
APIMSAnnals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
BHOMBehavioral Health Outcomes Management
BJIBone and Joint Infection
BeBeryllium (element)
CCAcalcium channel antagonist; common carotid artery
CHPPMCenter for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
CPCRCardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
CPHSSCincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
CPSChild Protective Services
CWRcanal wall reconstruction
CXRChest X-Ray
DBPVDiastolic Blood Pressure Variability
DWdistilled water
DXAdual x-ray absorptiometry
ED&Celectrodessication and curettage
EDCAMEducational Development for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Reston, VA)
ENGelectronystagmography; electronystagmogram
EOCEmergency Operations Center
EPBextensor pollicis brevis
ESEpidural Steroids
EVEAHEnhance the Veteran Experience and Access to Healthcare
FRCSCFellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada
FTFTFrom The First Tooth
GBEDGlycogen Branching Enzyme Disorder
HCMVhuman cytomegalovirus
HCTAHealth Care Technology Assessment
HSSCHealth Sciences Simulation Center
HVLT-RHopkins Verbal Learning Test
IACHInstitute for the Advancement of Community Health
ICONIndian Certified Organics Network
IEDimprovised explosive device
IETOInjury epidemiology transport occupation
IHDischemic heart disease
IMPRCIcelandic Medicine Pricing and Reimbursement Committee
IPSIDimmunoproliferative small intestinal disease
JRMCJewish Renaissance Medical Center
L&Wliving and well
L85Leiden-85 cohort
LUAleft upper arm
LVHLeft Ventricular Hypertrophy
MINEMedical Improvement Not Expected
MNDmotor neuron disease
MODYmaturity-onset diabetes of the young
MSAFPmaternal serum alpha-fetoprotein
NCBANorth Carolina Biomedical Association
NIMETNanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technology
NVSneurological vital signs
OHLSOccupational Hearing Loss Surveillance
OMGOhio Medical Group
OPCOOrgan Pump Committee of Oberlin
P&Ppins and plaster
P/Upick up
PHICProfessional Healthcare Instructor Certification
PPYLLPotentially Productive Years of Life Lost
Qbblood flow
R/Trelated to
RCHIRural and Community Health Institute
RDMEResearch and Development in Medical Education
RDUrheumatic disease unit
RSremitting seronegative; respiratory system; Reiter’s syndrome
SAE(S)Serious Adverse Event(S)
SOPDSurgical Out Patient Department
STGshort-term goals; serum triglycerides
TAPVRTotal Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return
TCRT cell (antigen) receptor
THATotal Hip Arthroplasty
TKEterminal knee extension
TNFTumor Necrosis Factor
TOtelephone order
TRSTreatment Recovery System
UDABurine drugs of abuse
USIDUnclassified Sudden Infant Death
VMAPVirginia Medical Assistance Program
VMTVanguard Medical Technologies
WOHDWorld Oral Health Day
XCexact carbon
comp.compound; complication; compounded of
monomonocyte; mononucleosis
pmol/Lpicomoles per liter
q.i.d.Four times daily. As in taking a medicine four times daily.
quadquadrant; quadriceps
t.i.n.three times a night
tbctubercle bacillus
thertherapeutic, therapy

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