What does WFON medical abbreviation stand for?

What does the abbreviation WFON stand for in medical terms?

There may be a few different meanings of abbreviation WFON. However, what does the medical term WFON stand for?

What does WFON medical abbreviation mean?

In the medicine field, the WFON abbreviation stands for WaveForm ONset.

WFON: WaveForm ONset

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6MWTSix Minute Walk Test
AAATAdult Adolescent Alcohol Treatment
ABBIAudio Bracelet for Blind Interaction
ASADArthroscopic Subacromial Decompression
BBREBottom Belly Rounded Effect
BCLSbasic cardiac life support
BRUbiomedical research unit
BUEboth upper extremities
C/BComplicated By
CAGEcontrolling, anger/annoyance, guilt, eye opener (questions)
CAPProstate Cancer; Community Acquired Pneumonia
CBSACore Based Statistical Area
CEGConsensus Error Grid
CEUcontinuing education unit
CLDDCross Linked Diethylaminoethyl Dextran
COHcarbohydrate; controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
COMUCollege Of Medicine Undergraduate
CPPVcontinuous positive pressure ventilation
CTCLCutaneous T-cell lymphoma
D5NS5% dextrose in normal saline
DESGDiabetes Education Study Group
DISCUSdyskinesia identification system condensed user scale
DMEdurable medical equipment
ECVextracellular volume
ERSeducation resource specialist; extended rotated side bent
EX FIXExternal Fixation
FBDfibrocystic disease
FMGEForeign Medical Graduates Examination
FXSfragile X syndrome
GMRPGeorgia Medical Resource Pool
H&HHemoglobin and Hematocrit
HMG-CoAhydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme A
HPHCHarvard Pilgrim Health Care
HSShyperosmolar hyperglycemic state; hepatic stimulator substance
ICSDInternational Classification of Sleep Disorders
IMHMIndiana Medical History Museum
IPPBintermittent positive pressure breathing
IVADintravenous access device
KUHSKerala University of Health Sciences
L/Rleft to right
LAVHlaparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
LCMFTLicensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist
LORloss of resistance
LS ratiolecithin-sphingomyelin ratio
MAEmoving all extremities
MHSCPMental Health Services Continuum Program
MIRPMedical Isotope Research Production
MLAPMaster’s Level Addiction Professional
MMAmethylmalonic acid
MMCSMarshall Medical Centers South
MMTLMaria Medical Technology Ltd
MPAGMidlands Paediatric Allergy Group
MPBmultipodus boot
MSRBMedical Services Review Board
MVRMitral Valve Replacement
NDnot diagnosed; normal delivery; nondistended; Doctor of Naturopathy; neck dissection
NP-CPAPnasopharyngeal continuous positive airway pressure
OHPFOsteopathic Health Policy Fellowship
PD&Ppostural drainage and percussion
PHApublic health advisory; phytohemagglutinin
PMCDPrehospital Medical Care Directive
PMDAPharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency
PMLprogressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
QISqualified in specialty
R/Lright to left
RCMright costal margin
RhoGAMrh immune globulin
SBSMSanta Barbara Street Medicine
TENtoxic epidermal necrolysis
TSMPTemperature Sensitive Medical Products
TWEtap water enema
UA or u/aUrinalysis. A UA is a typical part of a comprehensive physical examination.
UCLulnar collateral ligament
UNMCUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
V fibventricular fibrillation
VHGVillage Health Guide
VVIventricular inhibited mode of pacing
WIHBWestern Isles Health Board
ch pxchicken pox
dosdose, dosage
odevery day (omnes dies)

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