WADB medical abbreviation, what does it stand for?

What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation WADB?

The abbreviation WADB may have a few different meanings. However, what is the meaning of the medical term WADB?

What is WADB medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the WADB medical abbreviation is the meaning of Western Australian DNA Bank (medical research).

WADB: Western Australian DNA Bank (medical research)

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EBHevidence-based healthcare
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EORSEuropean Orthopaedic Research Society
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FOCfronto-occipital circumference
G6-PDglucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase
Hephepatoma cell line
IVDCintravascular disseminated coagulation
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IgGimmunoglobulin G
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MPHIMedicine and Public Health Initiative
MSPVMedical Surgical Prime Vendor
MYHEMMaster of Youth Health and Education Management
NCATNormocephalic Atraumatic
NEnot evaluated/not examined; norepinephrine; neurological examination
NGSnext generation sequencing
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NPONothing By Mouth
NRTInucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
OSRopen septo-rhinoplasty
OsOsmium (element)
P&Tpeak and trough
PABApara-aminobenzoic acid (vitamin B10)
PD&Ppostural drainage and percussion
PEWSPaediatric Early Warning Score
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PRKphotorefractive keratectomy
RCoARoyal College of Anaesthetists
REEresting energy expenditure
RPOright posterior oblique
S/Asugar and acetone
SCLCASmall Cell Lung Cancer
SMUstandard IgM beta-2 glycoprotein unit
SRslow/sustained-release [medication]; sarcoplasmic reticulum; sinus rhythm
TAFtriage assessment form
TCCNSWThe Cancer Council New South Wales
TRENDTraining Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes
U07.1Deaths from lab-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection
ULBWultra low birth weight
UTDUp To Date
VLRAverbal lead risk assessment
YbYtterbium (element)
Z-DNAleft-handed DNA
ZDFZucker Diabetic Fatty
patparoxysmal atrial tachycardia
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ungointment (unguentum)

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