What does UF medical abbreviation mean?

What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation UF?

The UF abbreviation may have multiplied meanings. However, what does the medical abbreviation UF mean?

What is the UF medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the UF medical term mean Ultra Filtration.

UF: Ultra Filtration

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BCGBacille Calmette-Guerin
BETBenign Essential Tremor
BSFbasal skull fracture
BTBbreakthrough bleeding
CDADClostridium difficile-associated diarrhea
CMEcontinuing medical education
COMchronic otitis media
CPBcompetitive protein binding
CRNPCertified Registered Nurse Practitioner
DICDisseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy
DPGNdiffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis
DWdistilled water
EBLLelevated blood lead level
EEDerythema elevatum diutinum
FACRFellow of the American College of Radiology
FGTfemale genital tract
FPGfasting plasma glucose
FPLflexor pollicis longus
GMOgenetically modified organism
GNDgram-negative diplococci
HEPhome exercise program
KUBKidneys Ureters and Bladder
LMNLower Motor Neuron
MCCmajor complication or comorbidity; motorcycle collision
MDDmaximum daily dose; major depressive disorder
MTmedical technologist
MUDmatched unrelated donor
NCnasal cannula
NOSNot Otherwise Specified
NSCnational safety council
OOBOut Of Bed
P-ThalPersantine Thallium
PIPProximal Inter-Phalangeal
RHFright heart failure
RPhregistered pharmacist
RRRRegular Rate and Rhythm
SQVsaquinavir (antiviral drug)
SRSslow-reacting substance
TAMIthrombolysis and angioplasty in myocardial infarction
TKATotal Knee Arthroplasty
USPUnited States Pharmacopeia
osteoosteo myelitis
part. vic.in divided doses (partitis vicibus)
pdpupillary distance; prism diopter

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