SCAWS medical abbreviation, what does it mean?

What does the medical term SCAWS stand for?

In some cases, the abbreviation SCAWS may have a few different meanings. However, what is the meaning of the medical abbreviation SCAWS?

What is the SCAWS medical abbreviation?

In science & medicine, the SCAWS medical term mean Scottish Centre for Animal Welfare Sciences.

SCAWS: Scottish Centre for Animal Welfare Sciences

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AAHPAlabama Association of Health Plans
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CEVCCabarrus Emergency Veterinary Clinic
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CMFMCenter for Maternal and Fetal Medicine
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CTMPSColor Temperature Movement Pulse Sensation
DBMDemineralized Bone Matrix
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DVLDiagnostic Virology Laboratory
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HRTHormone Replacement Therapy
IFTImmunoFluorescence Test
IMICUInternal Medicine Intensive Care Unit
IMNInternational Medical Network
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ISRimmune status ration
ITEAInstitute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy
KMHKindness Medicine Heals
LAPLaproscopic; also Laparotomy
LKRLys Ketoglutarate Reductase
LMOliving modified organism
MAO-AMonoamine Oxidase A Gene ( warrior Gene )
MAUMedical Assessment Unit
MLPCMedical Legal Partnership for Children
MPJmetacarpophalangeal joint
NQARNotification of Quality Assurance Requirements
NYUMNew York University Medical
OCGoral cholecystogram
ODEPOrthopedic Data Evaluation Panel
OLleft eye (oculus laevus)
PATHPurpose, Alignment, Transformation, and Health
PBHHProvidence Behavioral Health Hospital
PGphosphatidylglycerol; pregnant; prostaglandin
PGACPenn Genomic Analysis Core
PHOPhysician Hospital Organization
RBRVSresource-based relative value scale
RSVRespiratory Syncytial Virus
RTTreferral to treatment
SFNSmall Fiber Neuropathy
SGOTserum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase
SHORESexual Health Options Resources And Education
SIGCSouth Island Genomic Calibration
SOD CITRSodium Citrate
TEDthrombo embolic deterrent
TOHCThe Oxford Health Company
TSST-1Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin number 1
U07.1Deaths from lab-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection
UCP-1UnCoupling Protein 1
ULNSupper limits of normal size
VBPVenous Blood Pressure
VSWSVeterinary Social Work Services
WDEWound Dressing Emulsion
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XXYKlinefelter Syndrome chromosomes
YPHYoung Professionals in Healthcare
a.c.Before meals. As in taking a medicine before meals.
nDNAnative DNA

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