What is the meaning of RCH medical abbreviation?

What is the medical term RCH?

In some cases, there may be more than one meaning of RCH. However, what is the medical abbreviation RCH?

What is the RCH medical abbreviation?

In medicine, the medical abbreviation RCH stands for Reproductive Child Health.

RCH: Reproductive Child Health

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A&O x4Alert & Oriented, Times 4 (to person, place, time, and circumstances)
AHCAAmerican Health Care Act
AHOAthlete Health Organization
AVPSActively Variable Passive Stiffness
BVMPBega Valley Medical Practice
C&Cconfirmed and compatible
CDTLCentral Drugs Testing Laboratories
CESHACentre for Excellence in Skeletal Health Assessment
CHITCenter for Health Information Technology
CMMFCentral Maine Medical Family
CNISPCanadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program
CO2carbon dioxide
CPMIchronic and persistent mental illness
CRPNFContract-Relax Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
CYPCYtochrome P450
DCPDiploma in Clinical Pharmacy
DMESDouglas Medical Equipment Supply
DOAdate of admission; duration of action; dead on arrival
DPPIDental Protection Plan Inc
DRPCDiagnostic Radiology P C
EAVNCEnhanced atrioventricular nodal conduction
EMIGEmergency Medicine Interest Group
ERTexternal radiation therapy; emergency resuscitation team; estrogen replacement therapy
FAMISFamily Access to Medical Insurance Security
FFPFresh Frozen Plasma
FHMFamilial Hemiplegic Migraine
FRCPIFellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
FVSFetal valproate syndrome
GPBGlycerin Protein Balancer
GeGermanium (element)
HMBHeavy Menstrual Bleeding
HRIHealth Related Internships
HSDDhypoactive sexual desire disorder
IARsInfusion-Associated Reactions
ICSCInternational Chemical Safety Cards
IMOSIllinois Medical Oncology Society
IPEMInstitute for Physics and Engineering in Medicine
IPNinterstitial pneumonia
JRSMJournal of the Royal Society of Medicine
KMRCKern Medical Reserve Corps
LGBTLesbian Gay Bisexual Or Transgender
LMRPLocal Medical Review Policy
LOCNLaboratory On A Chip Network
LTELLong Term Ecology Laboratory
LUMTLeg Ulcer Measurement Tool
MPEBMedical Premium Expense Benefit
MSOCMedical Special Operations Conference
MoPHMinistry of Public Health
NASHnon-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NCMJNorth Carolina Medical Journal
NCPBNational Cancer Policy Board
NDRNational Diabetes Registry
NICMPnonischemic cardiomyopathy
NMnon monitored; nodular melanoma; neuromuscular
NMDPNational Marrow Donor Program
NMLCPNational Malaria and Lieshmania Control Program
OAHPPOntario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion Act
ODCMOff-site Dose Calculation Manual
PNOPeri- Natal Quality register
POT ACID PHOSPotassium Acid Phosphate
PPCMperipartum cardiomyopathy
PPRMPlasma Polymerization Replica Method (internal medicine)
PSQIPittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
RE-LYRandomized Evaluation of Long-Term Anticoagulation Therapy
SAIHShree Aggarsain International Hospital
SEMCSleepy Eye Medical Center
SJMRSt Jude Medical Regent
SMRLStanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
SmSamarium (element)
TAFtriage assessment form
TARGToronto Area Research Group
TIHtumor-induced hypercalcemia
TILSThe International Lepidoptera Survey
UCP-1UnCoupling Protein 1
VFNVerticillium, Fusarium, And Nematode
VQAVirology Quality Assessment
VSMUVladivostok State Medical University
W&DWarm and Dry
WBDWinter- Baraitser Dysmorphology
WCHFWorld Congress on Heart Failure
WNSMWelsh National School of Medicine
WPSMWarfighter Physiological Status Monitoring
WQDWestern Queens Dialysis
c/oin Care Of
w/v.weight in volume

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